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Double XP Weekend finished!
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DXP & Server Issues30th September 15

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the server issues during DXP. It's the exact same server which coped fine last dxp weekend. I expected the large amount of traffic and prepared the server and optimized things as much as I could but evidently not enough. As soon as I realized it was struggling I spent a good 5 hours burning protean logs (priorities..) whilst making the site as light as possible in terms of database usage but it just wasn't enough. Also unfortunately one of these was disabling the competitions cron temporarily - but that's back to normal now.


The good news is I've ordered a new server for RuneClan with a whopping 72 gigabytes of RAM. It's currently being setup and as soon as I get my hands on I'll be setting it up myself ready to switch the site over to it. I'll let everyone know when the scheduled downtime will be. At the moment it's looking like next week as I won't get access to the server until Thursday at the earliest, and I'm heading up to London for RuneFest on the Friday.


Speak soon!


For anyone curious, here are the specs:

Dual Intel Xeon 5520


CentOS 64-bit

2 x 240GB SSD

1Gbps unmetered connection

#NameXP Gain
4Mr Cammybear17,158,348
5Harvey Dent16,010,005
6Chasin Cloud15,709,436
10Lendisar Site Donator13,527,629
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#Clan NameXP Gain
1Efficiency ExpertsEfficiency Experts401,797,313
3The NexicansThe Nexicans267,149,620
6Mining GoldsMining Golds220,769,761
7The Danish WikingsThe Danish Wikings197,251,770
8True MaxedTrue Maxed189,987,806
9Apocalypse SlayersApocalypse Slayers189,369,259
10Dunkin DonutsDunkin Donuts188,280,221