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Competition & Clan changes30th March 15

Following recent feedback, some changes have been made to competitions and the ways you can manage your clan. Here's a quick summary of the update:



  • As per the previous news post, RSN verification is now active and you can confirm your RSN to your RuneClan account. With that comes greater account responsibility and enables more control over clan features. (and even more so over the coming months.)
  • As an owner or deputy owner with a confirmed account, you will now see a "Clan Owner Settings" button on the left hand side of your clan page. There's limited features here at the moment. Owners also have a setting to disable deputy owners access to this panel, but please be considerate with this option as I'm not looking to be sorting out "We've been locked out of our clan" issues.
  • The only option available at the moment is the "minimum rank to manage competitions". These ranks or above will be able to create, edit, and delete any of your clan competitions. (Note: started or finished competitions can't currently be deleted.) The default rank is currently set to Overseer.



  • As above, to create a competition you now have to have a confirmed account and meet the minimum rank requirement set by your clan owner(s). Voting has been removed.
  • Some members suggested adding an option to automatically add new clan members to competitions. There is now a new option which covers this by using the current clan list at the start time of the competition so you won't have to add new members manually.
  • As voting has been removed, you can now edit or delete your competition right up until the time it starts.


I think I've covered everything there. As always I appreciate everyone's feedback, it really helps. B) Any issues etc, let me know.

RSN Verification22nd March 15
#NameXP Gain
5Dyn asty799,783
Login to RuneClan
#Clan NameXP Gain
1Lords of FuryLords of Fury2,756,755
2R0AD T0 MAXR0AD T0 MAX1,720,193
3The Ultimate ChoiceThe Ultimate Choice1,309,974
4zer0 pvmzer0 pvm1,056,578
5Efficiency ExpertsEfficiency Experts845,076
7Shook Ones Pt2Shook Ones Pt2797,436
9Celestial ConspiracyCelestial Conspiracy551,438
10Any Name Will DoAny Name Will Do437,687