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Service Update25th August 16

Hi guys,


Apologies for the mess over the past week. It was caused by some changes Jagex made to their backend systems essentially just causing our site to be unable to obtain the amount of data it needed and how to read it e.g. new error codes. This was completely unintentional on their part. I have been speaking to the very friendly and helpful Mod Lyon who has kindly passed on the information and got it sorted out for us. The site should slowly return back to normal (give it some time), but I'm not sure how or if I'll go about cleaning up some of the invalid xp records yet.


The 'hourly' updates are currently running at every 4 hours until I'm happy everything is working correctly again. If you have any queries about this please post them on this thread. I'll be responding to any other forum posts within the next few days as I'm quite busy right now.





Clan Signatures7th March 16
#NameXP Gain
1The National15,020,521
2Sweet Goods13,841,007
10Fat Apes8,584,160
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#Clan NameXP Gain
1RS UnityRS Unity77,535,428
3Efficiency ExpertsEfficiency Experts68,785,405
4Iron GodsIron Gods63,427,931
6The Order of WarThe Order of War61,089,643
7The Danish WikingsThe Danish Wikings56,099,767
8Mining GoldsMining Golds46,569,711
9Apocalypse SlayersApocalypse Slayers46,355,871