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Previous Names deletion11th March 18

Hi all,


Due to the amount of people requesting their previous names to be deleted, I have made it possible to remove your own. All you need to do is have a confirmed account. Once you have that you can go to your profile and your old names have a cross next to them should you wish to remove them :)


You can confirm your account here. You must be in a clan to do this. If you want your previous names removed and you're not in a clan or able to confirm, then just submit a RSN change here including your RSN as both your old & new rsn and include a comment asking for your names to be removed.



Icons & fixes31st January 17
Service Update25th August 16
#NameXP Gain
1many drops23,056,337
6Real Pitted13,990,932
9Forist Terky12,958,021
10Lil Ninja12,917,390
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#Clan NameXP Gain
2Efficiency ExpertsEfficiency Experts77,229,052
3The Order of WarThe Order of War73,368,893
6Bomb TanksBomb Tanks57,571,963
7zer0 pvmzer0 pvm46,690,955
8Goblin SlayerzGoblin Slayerz46,409,619
9Iron FamilyIron Family44,656,933