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Clan Members: 184
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.77
Total Level Average: 1,375
Citadel Level: 4
Clan XP: 3,337,831,776
Avg Clan XP: 18,140,390
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend2,11199,780,400
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"Killing and skilling is what we are best at. join our clan as guest"
Clan Description:
Hello and Welcome to The Avatars of Destruction! We are an ever growing clan   5 years running with Experienced players who have been in several clans. We are constantly building a "force" for our playing atmosphere . In order to join this Elite group family-like clan-mates you must meet all rules and requirements, and you must uphold our contract of chivalry. If you uphold your contract, and follow all we stand for, your stay will by great and prosperous. Racism and Nasty remarks will not be tolerated.

We look for Great personalities not high levels. Levels can go up and change but attitudes remain forever:)
Play hard and have fun!!
Our Ranked Members are more than glad to help, especially Myself ~Sensei Hawk~ Justcatfish, Brothercarl,  Aardwolk , and Dragon102088. Cashallgone, Prowlesslink, Kills and many more.
Event Log
big fat meff changed their RSN to o 1995 o.
Sun 23rd February, 7:40pm
Fortpurge451 joined the clan!
Sun 16th February, 9:43am
[#728Q2IBQ0] has been unlisted.
Sun 16th February, 9:43am
big fat slag changed their RSN to big fat meff.
Tue 11th February, 3:41pm
Clan Achievement Log
Hayate G400M Overall XP
3 days ago
Hayate G99 Mining
7 days ago
Hayate G50M Defence XP
11 days ago
LilCracka42025M Overall XP
Fri 28th February, 12:18am
Dragonlv125300M Overall XP
Mon 2nd December, 3:17am
Arrowblader50M Overall XP
Tue 11th June, 1:28am
dizzy1dev50M Overall XP
Tue 25th December, 2:43am
M14 Old Dog50M Overall XP
Mon 8th October, 3:42am
iRefund300M Overall XP
Fri 28th September, 9:37pm
iRefund99 Thieving
Wed 26th September, 5:34am
Lord Jimbo25M Overall XP
Fri 11th November, 4:51pm
Champ1269420M Ranged XP
Tue 21st June, 2:53am
Ginja_Ninja750M Overall XP
Wed 1st June, 4:52am
Champ12694275M Overall XP
Wed 25th May, 7:52pm
Champ1269450M Strength XP
Sun 22nd May, 10:54pm
Champ1269499 Prayer
Fri 20th May, 9:49am
Pumkin Demon99 Fishing
Tue 17th May, 3:54pm