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Clan Members: 55
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.85
Total Level Average: 2,448
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 32,912,649,088
Avg Clan XP: 598,411,801
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend2,04781,683,030
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Clan Description:
We're not a clan.
Haters in bodybags, snatchin' stacks.

ayo gurlz, you know da
#1   Must know the rules.
#2   Must have 2400+ total level.
#3   Must Log out at Legends Guild Balcony.
#4   Don't talk about the Skype call that happened on 8/1/2012.
#5   Never click any of King Corp's links.
#6   No whistling, ever.
#7   No Pokemon, ever.
#8   Always take the $7,500.
#9   Always look on the bright side.
#10  The word "deet" may be used occasionally at most.
#11  If a clan member(s) leaves a boss they will be included in all splits that happen after they leave, until  30 minutes have passed.
#12  There is always an exception to Rule #11.

shmurda she rote~

This content has been removed due to a rule break.
Event Log
Aurdesta changed their RSN to Elysta.
8 days ago
Avazir changed their RSN to Aurdesta.
12 days ago
Abrea changed their RSN to Avazir.
29 days ago
Terb60M Farming XP
1 day ago
Terb1.5B Overall XP
3 days ago
Terb20M Divination XP
6 days ago
Regicidal100M Mining XP
6 days ago
Terb20M Hunter XP
8 days ago
Regicidal3.775B Overall XP
8 days ago
King Corp Site Donator30M Herblore XP
13 days ago
King Corp Site Donator60M Farming XP
15 days ago
Regicidal90M Mining XP
18 days ago
Oree90M Farming XP
20 days ago
Oree30M Herblore XP
20 days ago
King Corp Site Donator1.425B Overall XP
26 days ago
Regicidal100M Cooking XP
28 days ago
Zoalt525M Overall XP
30 days ago
Regicidal70M Runecrafting XP
1 month ago
Regicidal3.75B Overall XP
Sat 28th December, 6:46am
Oree1.65B Overall XP
Mon 16th December, 11:05pm
CollinM625M Overall XP
Tue 10th December, 9:53pm
Oree80M Farming XP
Sun 8th December, 11:56am
Regicidal90M Cooking XP
Mon 2nd December, 4:47am
CollinM20M Herblore XP
Sun 1st December, 10:50am
Regicidal90M Fishing XP
Sat 30th November, 8:46am
Regicidal80M Cooking XP
Sat 30th November, 8:46am
Regicidal3.725B Overall XP
Sat 30th November, 8:46am
Zoalt40M Construction XP
Tue 26th November, 5:37am
allicoh99 Herblore
Sun 24th November, 11:03am
Regicidal70M Cooking XP
Sun 24th November, 6:05am
Zoalt500M Overall XP
Sat 23rd November, 6:30am
Zoalt99 Attack
Thu 21st November, 3:28am
Regicidal100M Woodcutting XP
Tue 5th November, 5:46am
Nabulsi40M Dungeoneering XP
Sat 2nd November, 11:40pm
Regicidal3.7B Overall XP
Fri 25th October, 3:46am
Mnias70M Hunter XP
Mon 21st October, 3:48am
Oree1.625B Overall XP
Tue 8th October, 1:55pm
Oree80M Strength XP
Mon 7th October, 9:02pm
Terb1.475B Overall XP
Wed 2nd October, 8:59am
Regicidal110M Agility XP
Wed 2nd October, 7:46am
Terb100M Defence XP
Fri 27th September, 10:12pm