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Clan Members: 280
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.94
Total Level Average: 1,917
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 24,803,176,422
Avg Clan XP: 88,582,772
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,555171,676,488
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Wed 25th May, 3:14pm
"Evil Is Powerless If The Good Are Unafraid"
Clan Description:
BloodyGaming - Some games just get bloody

Requirements To Join: Play Runescape and follow the rules of the Clan.

If you are a fan of mine you're more than welcome to join, if you aren't a fan of mine then please retain from joining so someone who actually wants to join can have your spot.

Purpose Of BloodyGaming: Isn't to become #1 on clan high scores or achieve any type of clan record. Our purpose is simple, it's a way for people to skill, do skilling events, do PVM events and enjoy the game with a friendly Clan.

Rules As Members Of BloodyGaming;
1. Respect higher ranked members because they've earned their rank
2. No spamming in clan chat
3. No advertising for other clans while in BloodyGaming
4. No racial slurs or bullying in Clan Chat
5. No religion wars
6. Don't break the Runescape TOS while in BloodyGaming
7. Cap Every week at Citadel
8. Have Fun

Section Leaders
Skilling: Atomic Chimp
PVM: CaptBunghole
Minigame: 742617000027
Skill Parties:
Support: J I M M Y
Event Log
DragonsDad is no longer in the clan.
3 days ago
IACVF changed their RSN to Box Noob.
8 days ago
Bigblue is no longer in the clan.
17 days ago
Sgt BassDrop changed their RSN to FireCow27.
23 days ago
Alt-imate is no longer in the clan.
Thu 21st June, 12:40am
LinkXoXMidna changed their RSN to DragonsDad.
Sun 17th June, 12:40pm
Deerkoala changed their RSN to Hungry4gp.
Fri 15th June, 8:40am
WaFFLe Pk is no longer in the clan.
Mon 11th June, 6:40pm
ZenFree is no longer in the clan.
Wed 6th June, 10:40am
ZenFree joined the clan!
Wed 6th June, 9:40am
Mr Gabix has been unlisted.
Wed 6th June, 9:40am
UfknDruggo changed their RSN to KettaIsBeta.
Mon 4th June, 1:40pm
vevoda14 changed their RSN to Klemfoodle.
Fri 25th May, 9:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Ten Ten Men20M Invention XP
2 days ago
Badslipper20M Defence XP
23 days ago
Fhame250M Overall XP
28 days ago
Badslipper30M Constitution XP
Sun 17th June, 7:47pm
T1NO20M Ranged XP
Thu 14th June, 5:47pm
Rotanium5299 Smithing
Thu 14th June, 5:45pm
Badslipper450M Overall XP
Tue 12th June, 7:47pm
Badslipper99 Invention
Tue 12th June, 7:47pm
Badslipper99 Runecrafting
Tue 12th June, 6:47pm
Badslipper99 Woodcutting
Tue 12th June, 5:46pm
Badslipper99 Divination
Sun 10th June, 1:46pm
xX RYBACK Xx99 Strength
Sat 9th June, 1:45pm
Fhame99 Crafting
Fri 8th June, 12:48am
Rotanium5260M Defence XP
Thu 7th June, 1:45am
Rotanium52350M Overall XP
Wed 6th June, 12:45am
PvM Gabbe99 Defence
Tue 8th May, 4:45pm
Lost Kings75M Overall XP
Wed 2nd May, 8:45am
Ten Ten Men99 Firemaking
Sat 28th April, 6:45pm
nightmareRH30M Slayer XP
Sat 21st April, 11:45am
nightmareRH50M Defence XP
Sat 21st April, 11:45am
nightmareRH1.05B Overall XP
Sat 21st April, 7:57am
nightmareRH90M Invention XP
Fri 20th April, 7:45pm
nightmareRH80M Ranged XP
Fri 20th April, 7:45pm
Lococoz75M Overall XP
Mon 9th April, 3:45am
DawnSavior99 Strength
Fri 6th April, 8:45am
Luxvilt475M Overall XP
Fri 23rd March, 7:50pm
Krefy99 Agility
Wed 21st March, 11:54pm
Lococoz99 Strength
Sun 18th March, 8:45am
Extocity20M Invention XP
Sun 18th March, 3:46am
Extocity450M Overall XP
Sat 17th March, 9:45am
Luxvilt99 Invention
Fri 16th March, 8:49pm
Luxvilt30M Defence XP
Fri 16th March, 4:48pm
Luxvilt30M Invention XP
Wed 14th March, 12:51am
Luxvilt450M Overall XP
Tue 13th March, 4:48pm
Luxvilt20M Invention XP
Sun 11th March, 2:48pm
Norton99 Attack
Fri 9th March, 6:46pm