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Clan Members: 401
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.96
Total Level Average: 2,482
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 129,009,427,181
Avg Clan XP: 321,719,269
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1861,296,168,026
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"Prepare, persist, and overcome."
Clan Description:
¤ Our community largely consists of hard-working players, backed by a dedicated administrative team, who wish to play and progress alongside other skillers. Having served the RuneScape community for over 7 years, our goal is to forge a friendly, social atmosphere in which we may better thrive and succeed. Expect nothing short of courtesy, respect, and support.

- Total level of 2,000 or higher to join
- Ranks are based upon xp gained since having joined
- Tier 7 Citadel with Dragon`•.
- Event participation and citadel labor are not mandatory
- 3 clan avatars active on worlds 58 / 64 / 84
- Corporals and higher may request avatar rights
- Domination Discord and clan hiscores (courtesy of Math Genius)


If interested in joining - simply visit our forum thread for more details.
Quick find code: 288-289-497-65869791
Event Log
Sheep Power is no longer in the clan.
14 hours ago
Sheep Power joined the clan!
20 hours ago
Willll_i_am changed their RSN to WilliamB.
3 days ago
PvmWilliam changed their RSN to Willll_i_am.
3 days ago
Avex joined the clan!
4 days ago
Musica btw joined the clan!
6 days ago
Dark Musica has been unlisted.
6 days ago
Catt Damon joined the clan!
7 days ago
Switchie joined the clan!
9 days ago
Pr0D0MPVM changed their RSN to Stopnparty.
12 days ago
Fallen Satan is no longer in the clan.
15 days ago
Umbrae changed their RSN to OG Depose.
16 days ago
felixs sloot is no longer in the clan.
23 days ago
Teeny-chan joined the clan!
23 days ago
Im Liz joined the clan!
24 days ago
Jenness changed their RSN to J_Clarki.
25 days ago
Swoofti joined the clan!
28 days ago
Fizz is dad changed their RSN to Umbrae.
29 days ago
teenys sloot changed their RSN to Felixs.
Sat 8th September, 6:40pm
Pleadings changed their RSN to Fizz is dad.
Fri 31st August, 11:40pm
A Toy is no longer in the clan.
Fri 31st August, 6:40pm
Eek froggy changed their RSN to xSeaa.
Fri 31st August, 1:40am
Atrios changed their RSN to Azveric.
Wed 29th August, 3:40am
CR0ATIA changed their RSN to SHHAARRK.
Fri 24th August, 4:40am
Felixs changed their RSN to teenys sloot.
Tue 21st August, 7:40pm
felixs sloot joined the clan!
Tue 21st August, 7:40pm
Teeny-chan has been unlisted.
Tue 21st August, 7:40pm
Fallen Satan joined the clan!
Thu 16th August, 8:40pm
Fe Cs joined the clan!
Thu 16th August, 7:40pm
Raws has been unlisted.
Thu 16th August, 7:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Blue Spad130M Woodcutting XP
2 hours ago
Huggable120M Thieving XP
3 hours ago
k3d75M Overall XP
5 hours ago
Vox Populi99 Divination
23 hours ago
Gerdeh Site Donator80M Mining XP
1 day ago
Examine170M Constitution XP
1 day ago
Killanoob71.725B Overall XP
1 day ago
Examine1.6B Overall XP
2 days ago
Djrjmom30M Firemaking XP
2 days ago
Examine140M Slayer XP
2 days ago
Kael D End30M Prayer XP
3 days ago
Blue Spad140M Dungeoneering XP
3 days ago
Brummy051.025B Overall XP
3 days ago
Titicanti40M Invention XP
3 days ago
Emeralda1.775B Overall XP
4 days ago
Blue Spad200M Divination XP
4 days ago
Examine70M Defence XP
4 days ago
Examine70M Strength XP
4 days ago
Examine70M Attack XP
5 days ago
Vexx0721.45B Overall XP
5 days ago
Emeralda50M Farming XP
5 days ago
Blue Spad100M Farming XP
5 days ago
Catt Damon30M Invention XP
6 days ago
Catt Damon99 Invention
6 days ago
Pdrew30M Fishing XP
6 days ago
Blue Spad2.625B Overall XP
6 days ago
Mr Testacle80M Mining XP
6 days ago
Djrjmom30M Runecrafting XP
7 days ago
Pyro Lord120M Farming XP
7 days ago
Catt Damon375M Overall XP
7 days ago
Catt Damon99 Dungeoneering
7 days ago
Examine180M Ranged XP
7 days ago
JeyyF99 Mining
7 days ago
I ce30M Slayer XP
8 days ago
FearsNothing1.15B Overall XP
8 days ago
Huggable2.65B Overall XP
9 days ago
FearsNothing40M Summoning XP
9 days ago
Blue Spad190M Divination XP
9 days ago
I ce825M Overall XP
9 days ago
I ce70M Ranged XP
9 days ago