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Dutch Revolutions
Dutch Revolutions
Clan Members: 464
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.90
Total Level Average: 2,082
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 76,620,867,524
Avg Clan XP: 165,131,180
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1951,886,565,799
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Deputy OwnerSocialism
Tue 9th January, 7:55pm
"Be a fan join the clan, we'll do the best we can, because we are a dutch clan:D"
Clan Description:
                                Welkom op de clan pagina van Dutch revolutions!

Wat hebben we u te bieden?

 - T7 clan citadel maxed out.
 - Wekelijks events van: pvm, community en skilling.
 - Een eigen discord server.
 - Een gezellige clan chat.
 - p2p only.

Guests zijn van harte welkom in onze clan chat, als je lid wilt worden vraag het gerust in onze clan chat.

Met de vriendelijke groeten van de Dutch Revolutions staff.
Event Log
Smoke Ripper joined the clan!
21 hours ago
Yeidi joined the clan!
2 days ago
son_OFangel joined the clan!
3 days ago
Jvst is no longer in the clan.
4 days ago
Havermout joined the clan!
6 days ago
DR LieveBeer has been unlisted.
6 days ago
NotImportant joined the clan!
8 days ago
Vehiin is no longer in the clan.
9 days ago
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10 days ago
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11 days ago
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12 days ago
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15 days ago
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16 days ago
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17 days ago
DaJollyJoker is no longer in the clan.
17 days ago
KveleR_1908 joined the clan!
20 days ago
Archeaux joined the clan!
21 days ago
DR SlaapBeer changed their RSN to DR KevkeBeer.
25 days ago
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28 days ago
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28 days ago
kemosabe163 joined the clan!
28 days ago
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28 days ago
Jansenzoon has been unlisted.
28 days ago
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28 days ago
kemosabe163 has been unlisted.
28 days ago
Nulled EFT is no longer in the clan.
28 days ago
Tovenaarrr joined the clan!
29 days ago
Bearadise is no longer in the clan.
30 days ago
bucktetlist changed their RSN to limburg045.
30 days ago
Keesje joined the clan!
Sun 10th November, 1:40am
JeffreyNL is no longer in the clan.
Thu 7th November, 9:40pm
Jfv33 joined the clan!
Wed 6th November, 9:40pm
[#QHWA0F4FX] is no longer in the clan.
Wed 6th November, 5:40pm
Kenker Spel is no longer in the clan.
Tue 5th November, 5:40pm
ROLL 3095 changed their RSN to [#QHWA0F4FX].
Mon 4th November, 2:40pm
Gated Kicks changed their RSN to Nulled EFT.
Sun 3rd November, 10:40pm
Jfv33 is no longer in the clan.
Sat 2nd November, 7:40pm
Zume5 joined the clan!
Sat 2nd November, 4:40pm
Sven NL changed their RSN to Dur A Del.
Wed 30th October, 6:40pm
Diekik2 joined the clan!
Sat 26th October, 1:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
DrakeIgneel1.9B Overall XP
52 minutes ago
DrakeIgneel60M Strength XP
52 minutes ago
DrakeIgneel170M Constitution XP
52 minutes ago
Havermout325M Overall XP
2 hours ago
Saphiron450M Overall XP
4 hours ago
sausie70M Fletching XP
6 hours ago
Beun Haas99 Mining
6 hours ago
Sempe499 Construction
6 hours ago
Jfv3330M Attack XP
17 hours ago
KveleR_190840M Invention XP
17 hours ago
Wanniewodka325M Overall XP
21 hours ago
Stefke 9820M Magic XP
22 hours ago
limburg04599 Ranged
1 day ago
Archeaux99 Slayer
1 day ago
sausie2.2B Overall XP
1 day ago
Evill Santa30M Dungeoneering XP
2 days ago
Havermout99 Prayer
2 days ago
Archeaux20M Attack XP
2 days ago
Havermout99 Fishing
2 days ago
DrakeIgneel110M Defence XP
2 days ago
DrakeIgneel110M Ranged XP
2 days ago
Evill Santa825M Overall XP
2 days ago
Evill Santa99 Runecrafting
2 days ago
WannieWhisky140M Mining XP
3 days ago
Sempe499 Slayer
3 days ago
KleuterJuf1.975B Overall XP
3 days ago
Archeaux20M Magic XP
3 days ago
Wanniewodka70M Invention XP
3 days ago
DrakeIgneel50M Strength XP
4 days ago
Mitchlol10325M Overall XP
4 days ago
Mitchlol1030M Magic XP
4 days ago
Michael9790M Firemaking XP
4 days ago
ElecticShock99 Cooking
4 days ago
Baetenkoek99 Defence
4 days ago
DrakeIgneel1.875B Overall XP
4 days ago
Greenvechter60M Woodcutting XP
4 days ago
KveleR_190899 Invention
4 days ago
2 GRIL 1 CUP99 Fishing
4 days ago
Evill Santa20M Dungeoneering XP
5 days ago