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Efficiency Experts
Efficiency Experts
Clan Members: 474
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.05
Total Level Average: 2,647
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 570,430,160,120
Avg Clan XP: 1,203,439,156
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend35,668,439,164
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Deputy OwnerDetermined Site Donator
Mon 26th June, 11:35pmPINNED
Deputy OwnerEvu Site Donator
Sun 8th April, 5:05amPINNED
GeneralSell Broads
Mon 3rd September, 12:33pm
Deputy OwnerEvu Site Donator
Fri 24th August, 10:47pm
Thu 24th May, 7:31pm
Deputy OwnerTone Site Donator
Thu 17th May, 7:12pm
Sun 25th March, 12:51am
OrganiserOzdv Site Donator
Fri 2nd March, 4:53pm
Sun 25th February, 10:06am
Deputy OwnerTone Site Donator
Sat 24th February, 8:04am
Deputy OwnerAna
Fri 23rd February, 1:52pm
OverseerRasil Site Donator
Sat 10th February, 9:24pm
Tue 30th January, 9:46am
Deputy OwnerInter
Tue 9th January, 10:38am
Sat 6th January, 3:22pm
Coordinatorpre cook
Fri 5th January, 11:48pm
Deputy OwnerLunaa
Sun 31st December, 1:32pm
Thu 28th December, 4:49am
Coordinatorpre cook
Sun 24th December, 4:18pm
Deputy OwnerEvu Site Donator
Sat 23rd December, 12:59pm
Deputy OwnerLunaa
Sat 23rd December, 12:56pm
"Welcome to EE. Leave your pants at the door!!"
Clan Description:
Efficiency Experts (EE) is a high level skilling clan with an intelligent, friendly community. Founded by Dragonseance, we are a clan that is dedicated to training our skills and reaching our goals using the most efficient methods possible.

The requirement to join our clan is 600M total XP. We are looking for dedicated players with a decent sense of humor who enjoy skilling, completion, and having conversations about smart ways to achieve their goals.

Clan features:
- Tier 7 Citadel
- TeamSpeak / Discord Server.(invite code/DtmxfAE)
- Monthly skilling competitions. Billions and billions and billions and billions of GP in prizes!
- Clear and transparent ranking system primarily based on Clan XP

Prospective members can apply to join the clan on the RS Official Forums (QFC:288-289-660-66003596).
Event Log
Hollowspark is no longer in the clan.
2 hours ago
iZombie is no longer in the clan.
2 days ago
Arts n Craft joined the clan!
2 days ago
mirreh joined the clan!
2 days ago
Sun-sational changed their RSN to Anjulie.
4 days ago
Sun-sation changed their RSN to AndrewAgatep.
4 days ago
HooLeeSchitt joined the clan!
5 days ago
Maisy changed their RSN to Maisy Claus.
7 days ago
squirrel lul changed their RSN to small elliot.
9 days ago
Sneaky Nex changed their RSN to Snowy Nex.
10 days ago
Premier joined the clan!
10 days ago
ByeRScyal8r is no longer in the clan.
11 days ago
Crusadeerr changed their RSN to 10Point8.
13 days ago
Kinben changed their RSN to Much RNG Site Donator.
13 days ago
The Cali Boy joined the clan!
13 days ago
Carmon has been unlisted.
13 days ago
iZombie joined the clan!
13 days ago
Carmon joined the clan!
14 days ago
Neovenator is no longer in the clan.
14 days ago
Aking-69 Red changed their RSN to Kingdavid369.
15 days ago
Vyre is no longer in the clan.
16 days ago
Teambuilder joined the clan!
19 days ago
Daka joined the clan!
20 days ago
Slay joined the clan!
22 days ago
DXP Wknd changed their RSN to Nexico.
24 days ago
MarshalONE changed their RSN to shokolaadik.
26 days ago
Paintwood is no longer in the clan.
28 days ago
Strykespyrm changed their RSN to Jerfect Pupu.
29 days ago
Nexico changed their RSN to DXP Wknd.
29 days ago
qliche changed their RSN to 0Tim.
1 month ago
Mywa Alt changed their RSN to Mywas Fan.
Mon 12th November, 7:40pm
Spooky Nex changed their RSN to Sneaky Nex.
Fri 9th November, 11:40pm
elliot lul changed their RSN to squirrel lul.
Fri 9th November, 5:40am
Laura Jean changed their RSN to Laur a.
Fri 9th November, 3:40am
Fast Blk Man changed their RSN to Crusadeerr.
Thu 8th November, 5:40am
addictedto07 changed their RSN to Mat tt ALT.
Tue 6th November, 7:40pm
Spooky Tone changed their RSN to Tone btw.
Sat 3rd November, 8:40pm
LiXxeR is no longer in the clan.
Fri 2nd November, 2:40am
Show n Tell joined the clan!
Thu 1st November, 10:40pm
Spooky Luke changed their RSN to xLrc Site Donator.
Thu 1st November, 6:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
2 hours ago
Boo Boo3614.5B Overall XP
2 hours ago
Heretic Wisp30M Invention XP
2 hours ago
zpf2.75B Overall XP
2 hours ago
RIP Slayed2.9B Overall XP
3 hours ago
Maisy Claus90M Smithing XP
3 hours ago
Tepatius220M Slayer XP
3 hours ago
Rroox150M Agility XP
3 hours ago
Mathii70M Fletching XP
3 hours ago
10Point82.9B Overall XP
4 hours ago
10Point8100M Strength XP
4 hours ago
10Point890M Farming XP
4 hours ago
Q Tip40M Fishing XP
4 hours ago
King Saddo70M Attack XP
4 hours ago
King Saddo130M Prayer XP
4 hours ago
Kniight Lost3.525B Overall XP
4 hours ago
zpf50M Crafting XP
4 hours ago
Kewda Site Donator 170M Fishing XP
5 hours ago
Kewda Site Donator 200M Dungeoneering XP
5 hours ago
T0NI btw2.475B Overall XP
6 hours ago
Duff40M Invention XP
7 hours ago
Jorppa150M Magic XP
7 hours ago
Zorb49180M Dungeoneering XP
9 hours ago
Mathii60M Fletching XP
11 hours ago
Evu Site Donator 5.325B Overall XP
11 hours ago
Cohle160M Slayer XP
15 hours ago
Whats Slayer200M Farming XP
15 hours ago
Dype Skogen50M Smithing XP
15 hours ago
Knife Story4B Overall XP
16 hours ago
Knife Story190M Fletching XP
16 hours ago
Knife Story180M Farming XP
16 hours ago
Mr Helmut60M Woodcutting XP
16 hours ago
fluffy jesus200M Attack XP
16 hours ago
epist90M Fishing XP
16 hours ago
Kanketsu110M Fishing XP
19 hours ago
Premier99 Woodcutting
20 hours ago
JudasPriest190M Divination XP
20 hours ago
Evu Site Donator 120M Crafting XP
21 hours ago
Cohle3.85B Overall XP
21 hours ago
Miss Lioness30M Construction XP
22 hours ago