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Efficiency Experts
Efficiency Experts
Clan Members: 408
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.99
Total Level Average: 2,583
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 365,483,618,233
Avg Clan XP: 895,793,181
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend110,656,944,408
Clan competitions are a new feature. If you find any bugs please report them on the forums.
Users with confirmed accounts that meet the minimum rank requirement can manage competitions when logged in.
Clan competitions
Name Skill Start Date Duration Time Remaining
Runecrafting CompetitionRunecraftingSun 5th February, 12:00am7 days
Fishing CompetitionFishingSun 5th March, 12:00am7 days
Hunter CompetitionHunterSat 1st April, 11:00pm7 days
Divination CompetitionDivinationSat 6th May, 11:00pm7 days
Crafting CompetitionCraftingSat 3rd June, 11:00pm7 days
Slayer CompetitionSlayerSat 1st July, 11:00pm7 days
Mining CompetitionMiningSat 5th August, 11:00pm7 days
Woodcutting CompetitionWoodcuttingSat 2nd September, 11:00pm7 days
Cooking CompetitionCookingSat 30th September, 11:00pm7 days
Fletching CompetitionFletchingSun 5th November, 12:00am7 days