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Elite And True
Elite and True
Clan Members: 271
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.63
Total Level Average: 2,345
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 55,608,242,351
Avg Clan XP: 205,196,466
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend411341,449,176
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OwnerIntegrity22 Site Donator
Sat 7th December, 11:37pm
Deputy OwnerFego
Sun 4th June, 2:15am
Clan Description:
                                              Welcome to Elite and True

TIER 7; all upgrades (citadel work not required)
We are a diverse group of respectful ppl who like to play all aspects of the game.
All members may take out avatar, create events, or just kick back in good company.
Home World = 77

P2P & Total level 1500 joining requirement

Clan rank is earned by serving self (xp gains) and serving others.
24/7 communication between clan members via our Clan facebook private group.
Clan Discord for Rs3 and Oldschool.
Clan observes all Jagex rules, adding no trolling or stalking.

Dark Yorkie

Team Leaders:
Citadel Team - Nelan4
Skilling Team -
Membership Team -  Integrity22, Cazz
Combat Team -Fego
Social Team - Lightsage96

Event Log
Miller 99 changed their RSN to JBMiller.
5 days ago
Mr_Melo joined the clan!
6 days ago
JBMiller joined the clan!
11 days ago
Cinderbri joined the clan!
11 days ago
xG R i Z Zx has been unlisted.
11 days ago
Trees Smoke is no longer in the clan.
29 days ago
fknDanny changed their RSN to Gunto.
Sun 19th January, 8:40am
Dartagnian is no longer in the clan.
Wed 15th January, 1:40am
Icath changed their RSN to Maxer1.
Sat 11th January, 1:40am
Holy Slut is no longer in the clan.
Fri 10th January, 3:40am
PhiIipp is no longer in the clan.
Tue 7th January, 3:40pm
PhiIipp joined the clan!
Mon 6th January, 7:40pm
ArustyMidget joined the clan!
Fri 3rd January, 10:40am
iBubbah is no longer in the clan.
Tue 31st December, 10:40am
TigerMillion joined the clan!
Mon 30th December, 9:40am
PvM Vorago joined the clan!
Fri 27th December, 8:40pm
xoSora is no longer in the clan.
Fri 27th December, 1:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Como Site Donator 40M Herblore XP
41 minutes ago
Mouks1.55B Overall XP
2 hours ago
Mouks40M Herblore XP
2 hours ago
ArustyMidget750M Overall XP
2 hours ago
ArustyMidget30M Fletching XP
2 hours ago
Como Site Donator 30M Herblore XP
2 hours ago
Horus III950M Overall XP
2 hours ago
C Dizzle DM99 Prayer
2 hours ago
Ikillu 3asy99 Herblore
3 hours ago
Gmonkey3439300M Overall XP
3 hours ago
Scarlet Soul1.825B Overall XP
3 hours ago
Fighteress2.05B Overall XP
4 hours ago
Goku24280M Prayer XP
6 hours ago
GamingFTW1260M Invention XP
10 hours ago
GamingFTW12475M Overall XP
11 hours ago
GamingFTW12120 Herblore
11 hours ago
GamingFTW1250M Invention XP
11 hours ago
Broncoman5599 Magic
18 hours ago
Cazzz60M Herblore XP
19 hours ago
Cazzz100M Summoning XP
19 hours ago
Mr_Melo99 Dungeoneering
19 hours ago
Schaduwprins150M Overall XP
19 hours ago
Schaduwprins99 Herblore
19 hours ago
Pigsfly77150M Overall XP
19 hours ago
Fighteress70M Herblore XP
20 hours ago
Mercy Dagger20M Woodcutting XP
1 day ago
jevan027425M Overall XP
1 day ago
jevan02750M Invention XP
1 day ago
Sick Bro675M Overall XP
1 day ago
Sick Bro20M Farming XP
1 day ago
Kapucho225M Overall XP
1 day ago
Kapucho99 Invention
1 day ago
All Idle80M Slayer XP
1 day ago
Insert Pylon90M Farming XP
1 day ago
Austie540M Defence XP
1 day ago
Qwazzzer60M Fishing XP
1 day ago
Gmonkey343920M Mining XP
1 day ago
Ikillu 3asy99 Constitution
2 days ago
Goku242170M Mining XP
2 days ago
MrDerek30M Herblore XP
2 days ago