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Knights 0f Ni
Knights 0f Ni
Clan Members: 26
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.24
Total Level Average: 1,964
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 1,547,124,315
Avg Clan XP: 59,504,781
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend2,17539,503,410
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"Feel free to guest and see if you would like to join. PvM Skillin & Chillin"
Clan Description:
This clan has no description.
Event Log
ochad85 is no longer in the clan.
7 days ago
SluttySmegma changed their RSN to Addaxfood.
8 days ago
Pussy Smegma changed their RSN to SluttySmegma.
9 days ago
SluttySmegma changed their RSN to Pussy Smegma.
9 days ago
Katie Morgan joined the clan!
13 days ago
AnaNicole97 joined the clan!
23 days ago
Tom Da Bomb is no longer in the clan.
26 days ago
Mole Slayah is no longer in the clan.
26 days ago
Addaxfood joined the clan!
28 days ago
Mole Slayah joined the clan!
Sat 10th August, 2:40am
Safari Bat changed their RSN to Sleepy Seals.
Thu 1st August, 10:40pm
Sleepy Seals joined the clan!
Wed 31st July, 5:40pm
cyanxian is no longer in the clan.
Sat 27th July, 4:40pm
NotGallium31 joined the clan!
Thu 25th July, 6:40am
cyanxian joined the clan!
Sun 21st July, 10:40pm
Whackmedown changed their RSN to Tom Da Bomb.
Sun 21st July, 2:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Gallium 3140M Woodcutting XP
2 days ago
JigiloJackJR100M Overall XP
2 days ago
Cataphractus525M Overall XP
5 days ago
Salty Seals90M Constitution XP
6 days ago
JigiloJackJR99 Constitution
7 days ago
Salty Seals925M Overall XP
8 days ago
Salty Seals110M Ranged XP
8 days ago
JigiloJack40M Strength XP
8 days ago
Cataphractus20M Ranged XP
9 days ago
Addaxfood275M Overall XP
10 days ago
Addaxfood20M Invention XP
14 days ago
Salty Seals100M Defence XP
15 days ago
Salty Seals20M Magic XP
16 days ago
Salty Seals900M Overall XP
16 days ago
Cataphractus50M Attack XP
17 days ago
Cataphractus99 Smithing
19 days ago
Salty Seals100M Dungeoneering XP
25 days ago
JigiloJack850M Overall XP
26 days ago
JigiloJack90M Constitution XP
30 days ago
Salty Seals875M Overall XP
Wed 14th August, 7:01am
Salty Seals90M Defence XP
Tue 6th August, 3:14am
Salty Seals80M Constitution XP
Fri 2nd August, 7:07am
Salty Seals90M Dungeoneering XP
Tue 30th July, 8:04am
Fargraven99 Summoning
Fri 26th July, 9:29pm
Gallium 312.2B Overall XP
Thu 25th July, 9:57am
Gallium 3140M Herblore XP
Mon 22nd July, 12:59pm
Gallium 3150M Hunter XP
Thu 18th July, 11:58am
Keeleyy20M Farming XP
Tue 16th July, 7:42pm
Keeleyy325M Overall XP
Tue 16th July, 7:42pm
JigiloJack60M Slayer XP
Tue 16th July, 6:22pm
JigiloJack20M Farming XP
Tue 2nd July, 9:44pm
Gallium 31130M Dungeoneering XP
Tue 25th June, 5:25am
Gallium 312.175B Overall XP
Tue 25th June, 5:25am
JigiloJack825M Overall XP
Sat 22nd June, 3:33pm
JigiloJack100M Defence XP
Mon 17th June, 9:48pm