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Clan Members: 91
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.89
Total Level Average: 1,084
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 13,754,481,772
Avg Clan XP: 151,148,151
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,652132,995,402
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""Heroes are remembered, but legends never die.""
Clan Description:
¸,-•¤*†*¤•-,¸ • Welcome to Legend • ¸,-•¤*†*¤•-,¸
Legend is a clan dedicated to having a good time on RuneScape in a clan-based community.

We're a bunch of friendly, social and generally fun misfits who fancy a chat and make everybody's RuneScape experience that little bit better.

If you need help or some friendly advice when training a skill, we will be there to share our knowledge with you.

There are no requirements to join our clan and you can contact any member of our clan if you want to join. They will then organise a world and place to meet with you to enlist you in our clan.

¸,-•¤*†*¤•-,¸ • Clan Information • ¸,-•¤*†*¤•-,¸

Clan Founded: 12th April 2011 CE
Clan Owner: Shower
F2P or P2P: Both
Clanmates: 89
Event Log
Nothing here!
Clan Achievement Log
Kookawing80M Defence XP
2 days ago
Kizwarrior2.05B Overall XP
4 days ago
sad prawny1.3B Overall XP
4 days ago
Kookawing130M Fishing XP
6 days ago
Kyle fer110M Defence XP
6 days ago
Kyle fer1.125B Overall XP
6 days ago
Kookawing3.825B Overall XP
7 days ago
sad prawny170M Invention XP
14 days ago
Kizwarrior90M Constitution XP
18 days ago
Kizwarrior120M Slayer XP
19 days ago
Kookawing90M Magic XP
19 days ago
Kyle fer70M Strength XP
21 days ago
Kyle fer1.1B Overall XP
21 days ago
Kookawing180M Construction XP
21 days ago
Kyle fer90M Constitution XP
21 days ago
Kookawing3.8B Overall XP
21 days ago
Kookawing110M Agility XP
22 days ago
Kyle fer70M Attack XP
22 days ago
Kizwarrior40M Firemaking XP
23 days ago
Johnny Lapa20M Construction XP
24 days ago
Kizwarrior2.025B Overall XP
25 days ago
Kyle fer40M Ranged XP
25 days ago
Kookawing160M Constitution XP
26 days ago
Johnny Lapa50M Slayer XP
26 days ago
Kyle fer40M Slayer XP
26 days ago
sad prawny50M Mining XP
27 days ago
Johnny Lapa70M Farming XP
27 days ago
Kookawing80M Prayer XP
29 days ago
Kyle fer100M Defence XP
1 month ago
Kyle fer1.075B Overall XP
1 month ago
sad prawny20M Woodcutting XP
Sun 24th March, 9:21pm
Kyle fer60M Farming XP
Sat 23rd March, 1:01pm
EagleSunrise70M Farming XP
Thu 21st March, 9:03am
Kookawing3.775B Overall XP
Sun 17th March, 5:20am
EagleSunrise130M Slayer XP
Thu 14th March, 11:04am
Leopardo1.225B Overall XP
Tue 12th March, 4:59pm
Leopardo70M Farming XP
Sun 10th March, 11:02am
sad prawny1.275B Overall XP
Sat 9th March, 10:21pm
EagleSunrise1.6B Overall XP
Sat 9th March, 4:23am
I are Smart180M Thieving XP
Fri 8th March, 8:12am