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Clan Members: 499
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.87
Total Level Average: 2,482
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 186,236,476,918
Avg Clan XP: 373,219,392
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1001,677,594,405
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"PIE - "Promoting Individual Excellence" "
Clan Description:
My name is Domo and welcome to your clan. We are a group of adults who enjoy each others company and playing runescape! Your only task ( if you choose to accept it ) is to have fun! You can stay as long as you wish and may leave the clan at any time. You must have 1600+ Total level if we are under 500 and 1800 at 500 members, no limits and no commitments! If you are a chatter or maybe being quiet is your preference, no matter all are welcome =) Please be respectful towards others while in clan chat and know that you are a part of a growing family that resides around the world. Different time zones, different cultures, different ethnicities we have it all!

Clan rules are as follows:
1. No Swearing.
2. No Begging. No Scamming. No Gambling.
3. Respect all clan mates always!!

Ranks are given as follows:
Recruits      0 - 20  m xp
Corporals     20 - 40 m xp
Sergeants     40 - 60 m xp
Lieutenants   60 - 80 m xp
Captains      80 - 100 m xp
Generals      100 + m xp

Thank you,
Event Log
Chuky B is no longer in the clan.
6 days ago
Chuky B joined the clan!
6 days ago
Lil Jackie changed their RSN to LIL JACK FAT.
14 days ago
Chip Skylarc is no longer in the clan.
20 days ago
NBS SPAZ OUT changed their RSN to NBS SPAZR OP.
25 days ago
Hayford joined the clan!
1 month ago
GalaxyLost has been unlisted.
1 month ago
Deathbox19 changed their RSN to Deathboxx.
Sat 14th September, 2:40am
Lick Weeds changed their RSN to Lil Jackie.
Wed 11th September, 9:40am
I4mHardstyle changed their RSN to IAmHardstyle.
Sat 31st August, 8:40am
HDisplayDriv joined the clan!
Fri 30th August, 12:40am
Solomartino joined the clan!
Wed 28th August, 8:40pm
Pink Bean has been unlisted.
Wed 28th August, 8:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
SynGatesFan1.025B Overall XP
8 hours ago
Skye Dancer20M Ranged XP
8 hours ago
Caged Monkey40M Runecrafting XP
9 hours ago
Tsaumi99 Magic
10 hours ago
Iaintyourmom40M Slayer XP
14 hours ago
Orvin625M Overall XP
19 hours ago
Ariste50M Herblore XP
22 hours ago
IAmHardstyle60M Hunter XP
24 hours ago
Caged Monkey40M Summoning XP
1 day ago
Antediluvian20M Construction XP
1 day ago
Shark1161.6B Overall XP
1 day ago
SixSamMaster90M Dungeoneering XP
1 day ago
7th North70M Prayer XP
1 day ago
Caged Monkey100M Farming XP
1 day ago
Caged Monkey40M Crafting XP
2 days ago
Caged Monkey40M Agility XP
2 days ago
Jack Damage130M Magic XP
2 days ago
Naughty cam50M Slayer XP
2 days ago
Curlyann80M Divination XP
2 days ago
Haidi3.15B Overall XP
2 days ago
Maculele130M Slayer XP
3 days ago
Kongrol90M Slayer XP
3 days ago
countmeout2200M Agility XP
3 days ago
General Name160M Thieving XP
3 days ago
Mistfolk391.075B Overall XP
3 days ago
Mistfolk3990M Invention XP
3 days ago
3 days ago
Red Mastar50M Strength XP
3 days ago
DoesntAddUp1.2B Overall XP
3 days ago
a t i s h a20M Ranged XP
3 days ago
Ariste60M Invention XP
3 days ago
Rune Shyster20M Herblore XP
3 days ago
countmeout24.55B Overall XP
3 days ago
Red Mastar40M Attack XP
3 days ago
Red Mastar160M Slayer XP
3 days ago
Silena12120M Defence XP
4 days ago
Silena12120M Constitution XP
4 days ago
Orvin30M Magic XP
4 days ago
Shark11650M Firemaking XP
4 days ago
Ariste725M Overall XP
4 days ago