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Nocturnal Solute
Nocturnal Solute
Clan Members: 449
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.89
Total Level Average: 1,925
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 55,315,738,214
Avg Clan XP: 123,197,635
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend986286,560,712
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"Friendly, mature, diverse, badasses - The things we strive to be."
Clan Description:
On June 26, 2013, a small group of friends founded Nocturnal Solute to try and build a warm, friendly environment in which they could enjoy the game and make new friends. Since it's foundation, we have grown to over 250 members and hold a T-7 Citadel! Probably our greatest achievement we feel so proud of is the friends we have made and the friendships we've helped create... And don't worry! We want you to be a part of it as well! So swing by our Clan Chat @Nocturnal Solute and introduce yourself. I'm sure you'll be welcomed with nothing but warm greetings.

So we welcome you, Members and Free players alike to Nocturnal Solute!

Current allies/leaders: Sofran- Tahmid 1100
                                          Gum- Envision
Event Log
Chad Tek changed their RSN to Wehrchad.
16 hours ago
Depression F joined the clan!
2 days ago
Fellow Feels has been unlisted.
2 days ago
Fr0sty Miner changed their RSN to Deaths Quote.
5 days ago
Unverbalized joined the clan!
13 days ago
Mr Tyler has been unlisted.
13 days ago
reaperrtaz joined the clan!
14 days ago
Ceridwan77 joined the clan!
14 days ago
VulvakisS changed their RSN to Donut Fear.
23 days ago
Stone Ore changed their RSN to 60 Att Void.
27 days ago
Mrs Pukute changed their RSN to P U K U T E.
Tue 13th August, 12:40pm
Mitantu changed their RSN to Pet Creature.
Sat 10th August, 10:40pm
T1tan_Cr0nus joined the clan!
Sat 10th August, 3:40am
IdragonfaceI is no longer in the clan.
Sat 3rd August, 1:40am
Valid Sound changed their RSN to VulvakisS.
Wed 31st July, 11:40pm
9IronGod9 is no longer in the clan.
Mon 22nd July, 12:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Donut Fear190M Magic XP
5 hours ago
ddrummerboy120M Invention XP
8 hours ago
D-Dead Man20M Dungeoneering XP
17 hours ago
Awaken Tetsu200M Constitution XP
17 hours ago
Awaken Tetsu200M Invention XP
17 hours ago
Manex99 Herblore
20 hours ago
HoneyBadged99 Constitution
1 day ago
db db70M Constitution XP
1 day ago
Donut Fear1.925B Overall XP
2 days ago
D-Dead Man475M Overall XP
2 days ago
D-Dead Man90M Strength XP
2 days ago
D-Dead Man30M Invention XP
3 days ago
Deaths Quote50M Overall XP
3 days ago
HoneyBadged150M Overall XP
3 days ago
HoneyBadged99 Defence
3 days ago
Awaken Tetsu150M Ranged XP
3 days ago
Awaken Tetsu180M Slayer XP
3 days ago
Niszczyciel500M Overall XP
3 days ago
Weresavage50M Constitution XP
3 days ago
iJenna99 Invention
3 days ago
Damian H50M Invention XP
3 days ago
Weresavage675M Overall XP
4 days ago
D-Dead Man80M Strength XP
4 days ago
Blade Slider1.3B Overall XP
4 days ago
D-Dead Man450M Overall XP
4 days ago
Manex40M Invention XP
5 days ago
Manex20M Farming XP
5 days ago
Blade Slider30M Cooking XP
5 days ago
Blade Slider100M Farming XP
6 days ago
KT Faith475M Overall XP
7 days ago
Weresavage20M Dungeoneering XP
8 days ago
Santafiend190M Constitution XP
9 days ago
Blade Slider40M Strength XP
9 days ago
Damian H40M Mining XP
9 days ago
KT Faith50M Constitution XP
9 days ago
KT Faith30M Magic XP
9 days ago
Weresavage40M Ranged XP
10 days ago
Fronh Egypt80M Woodcutting XP
10 days ago
KT Faith20M Attack XP
10 days ago
BoboDoll99 Smithing
11 days ago