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Phoenix Emberz
Phoenix Emberz
Clan Members: 36
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.00
Total Level Average: 2,078
Citadel Level: 3
Clan XP: 2,223,814,362
Avg Clan XP: 61,772,621
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,452179,441,403
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Clan Description:
Welcome to Phoenix Emberz! We are a new clan and wish to build a happy friendly community. We enjoy PVMING , SKILLING , Hosting Events and Socialising.

* Recruit (one banana): those who just joined our clan and have under 25m Clan XP
* Corporal (two bananas): those who have 25M Clan XP
* Sergeant (three bananas): those who have 50M Clan XP
* Lieutenant (bronze star): those who have 75m Clan XP
* Captain (silver star): those who have 100m Clan XP
* General (gold star): those who have 125m Clan XP
* Admin: those who have 150m Clan XP

Quick Find: 290-291-80-66051693
Event Log
ILoveTheLord joined the clan!
3 days ago
LearnFromGod has been unlisted.
3 days ago
IMATOKA joined the clan!
3 days ago
Savag3 K1lla joined the clan!
3 days ago
Solimonu joined the clan!
10 days ago
PatYak joined the clan!
16 days ago
FreeMyBwanaz joined the clan!
Sun 21st April, 4:40am
Tommy Tom joined the clan!
Tue 2nd April, 6:40am
Tommy Tom is no longer in the clan.
Mon 1st April, 6:40pm
Sioux Nation joined the clan!
Sun 31st March, 8:40am
Sioux Nation is no longer in the clan.
Sat 30th March, 8:40pm
SiphoDias is no longer in the clan.
Tue 26th March, 8:40am
Clan Achievement Log
angelic38080M Dungeoneering XP
16 hours ago
Bullshark5275M Overall XP
20 hours ago
Fantasy Lure30M Farming XP
2 days ago
ILoveTheLord20M Invention XP
2 days ago
QueenOfCluez50M Fishing XP
2 days ago
Bullshark599 Farming
2 days ago
Savag3 K1lla99 Farming
3 days ago
Brenda 1020M Constitution XP
4 days ago
QueenOfCluez110M Constitution XP
6 days ago
Tekkra30M Hunter XP
6 days ago
Brenda 1099 Ranged
9 days ago
Brenda 10425M Overall XP
9 days ago
Tekkra20M Farming XP
10 days ago
QueenOfCluez180M Defence XP
11 days ago
Nikhae40M Invention XP
12 days ago
Myers122299 Farming
16 days ago
QueenOfCluez1.6B Overall XP
19 days ago
angelic38080M Fishing XP
21 days ago
Fantasy Lure20M Slayer XP
22 days ago
angelic38070M Dungeoneering XP
23 days ago
QueenOfCluez170M Defence XP
23 days ago
angelic3801.075B Overall XP
23 days ago
Myers1222300M Overall XP
24 days ago
Lalindala60M Mining XP
24 days ago
Lalindala130M Farming XP
24 days ago
Lalindala1.3B Overall XP
24 days ago
Nikhae40M Farming XP
26 days ago
Myers122220M Smithing XP
27 days ago
Lalindala40M Slayer XP
27 days ago
Dlubke30M Mining XP
28 days ago
Myers122220M Invention XP
Sun 21st April, 9:09pm
Nikhae30M Fishing XP
Fri 19th April, 10:58pm
Sioux Nation1.25B Overall XP
Thu 18th April, 9:00pm
QueenOfCluez1.575B Overall XP
Wed 17th April, 6:53am
Lady Renata350M Overall XP
Mon 15th April, 6:57pm
angelic38070M Farming XP
Mon 15th April, 11:00am
QueenOfCluez160M Defence XP
Fri 12th April, 2:56am
Master Invi175M Overall XP
Fri 12th April, 2:08am
Fantasy Lure60M Mining XP
Wed 10th April, 2:53pm
Nikhae550M Overall XP
Tue 9th April, 10:57pm