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Pixel Dream
Pixel Dream
Clan Members: 369
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.18
Total Level Average: 1,468
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 25,089,763,202
Avg Clan XP: 67,993,938
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,089250,619,414
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OverseerBeef House
Sun 11th February, 12:06pm
"Dreams are the manifestations of our deepest desires."
Clan Description:
Welcome to LivingTheDream where we are all in a never ending story of our own making.
Our common goal is to achieve  all our dreams in  Runescape.  Whether it be Questing, Skilling, Pvm, D&D's, or just Socializing on Discord or in clan.

All are welcome. The only requirement is to be a member and to visit  our citadel when we need body count. Ask any member for an invite to clan.

Clan rules are as follows:
Follow all Jagex  rules.
No begging, scamming.
Cap Weekly.
Be respectful of others.
 Have fun !

The XP Ranking System is based on the amount of XP you have gained within the clan, the more XP you gain the higher your rank. heres the list of XP ranks:

Recruit = New Members
Corporal = 5m+ clan exp
Sergeant = 15m+ clan exp
Lieutenant = 30m+ clan exp
Captain = 60m+ clan exp
General = 100m+ clan exp
Event Log
shawnpeoples changed their RSN to shawnjamin.
Mon 19th August, 6:40am
Sudu Joestar changed their RSN to omedetu.
Fri 9th August, 2:40pm
Rough N Stuf changed their RSN to GhostPenis.
Thu 1st August, 2:40pm
um what is no longer in the clan.
Thu 1st August, 1:40pm
Ohgii is no longer in the clan.
Mon 29th July, 11:40pm
Sygnus changed their RSN to boof mage.
Mon 29th July, 8:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
sirdrippytip99 Runecrafting
3 days ago
the tinker200M Strength XP
6 days ago
the tinker200M Attack XP
6 days ago
onedumfk100M Dungeoneering XP
7 days ago
Thane of RS70M Farming XP
8 days ago
DBomDigity375M Overall XP
10 days ago
the tinker100M Runecrafting XP
11 days ago
Buucky100M Woodcutting XP
11 days ago
Pappamelk99 Divination
12 days ago
shaunin Dofa80M Mining XP
14 days ago
D BomDigity800M Overall XP
16 days ago
the tinker4.825B Overall XP
17 days ago
Fred234125M Overall XP
17 days ago
onedumfk180M Farming XP
19 days ago
Durpn Hard70M Invention XP
19 days ago
shaunin Dofa600M Overall XP
22 days ago
onedumfk1.7B Overall XP
28 days ago
the tinker100M Herblore XP
28 days ago
Nabby93399 Mining
1 month ago
Pappamelk20M Invention XP
Mon 19th August, 11:58am
Buucky170M Invention XP
Fri 16th August, 4:53pm
NosiSenpai375M Overall XP
Fri 16th August, 6:02am
Thane of RS60M Farming XP
Fri 16th August, 3:57am
Thane of RS550M Overall XP
Fri 16th August, 3:57am
Nabby93399 Slayer
Thu 15th August, 10:17pm
shaunin Dofa40M Defence XP
Thu 15th August, 4:34pm
Buucky2.35B Overall XP
Wed 14th August, 10:14pm
Buucky90M Woodcutting XP
Wed 14th August, 6:52pm
CeruleanSea50M Farming XP
Tue 13th August, 5:13am
the tinker200M Divination XP
Mon 12th August, 6:02pm
the tinker4.8B Overall XP
Sun 11th August, 5:44pm
Buucky80M Woodcutting XP
Sun 11th August, 5:07am
Buucky120M Agility XP
Sun 11th August, 5:07am
Thane of RS20M Slayer XP
Wed 7th August, 2:01am
Bfty1.35B Overall XP
Tue 6th August, 3:00pm
the tinker90M Runecrafting XP
Mon 5th August, 4:42pm
Dragon3800xy20M Dungeoneering XP
Mon 5th August, 3:18pm
touchlock99 Ranged
Mon 5th August, 10:02am
Quester Bee99 Slayer
Mon 5th August, 4:06am
touchlock250M Overall XP
Mon 5th August, 12:29am