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Clan Members: 481
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.87
Total Level Average: 2,295
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 156,653,763,554
Avg Clan XP: 325,683,500
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1401,592,121,708
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19 days ago
Thu 12th April, 5:00pm
Wed 15th November, 12:36am
GeneralDust of Life
Thu 29th December, 9:04am
Wed 31st August, 3:12pm
Sun 17th July, 10:12pm
Sigma Phi
Thu 7th July, 12:11am
Sun 19th June, 2:50pm
Mon 13th June, 3:49am
Mon 13th June, 12:12am
Fri 3rd June, 9:45am
Fri 27th May, 6:32pm
Fri 27th May, 5:13am
Thu 26th May, 11:13pm
Thu 26th May, 10:30pm
"The best meme clan in Runescape."
Clan Description:
Welcome to the Redditors clan. We're a community driven clan whose clan members range from newbies to veterans, casual and hardcore players alike. We're a laid back clan that's looking to give redditors a home, and make RuneScape a more enjoyable combined experience.

We host a multitude of events and competitions every month, including but not limited to daily sinkholes, biweekly competitions, PvE and PvP events, themed and seasonal events such as trick-or-treating, and more!

We're rapidly growing and always looking for more actively playing redditors to join us. Anyone can join our clan as long as they are:

1. a RuneScape member
2. a redditor

Joining our clan is as simple as joining our clan chat as a guest and asking for an invite!
Event Log
DrFlamingos changed their RSN to Van Flamingo.
3 days ago
Raver Lad changed their RSN to Severyn.
6 days ago
Pelothora joined the clan!
9 days ago
Nikki Kaiser joined the clan!
10 days ago
Partyhard26 joined the clan!
10 days ago
Lenay changed their RSN to Popsyche.
10 days ago
Cheyls changed their RSN to Hughh.
13 days ago
Acousmatic joined the clan!
14 days ago
Andrew DIY Site Donator joined the clan!
19 days ago
DoSolak changed their RSN to Kilts.
20 days ago
Pisaks is no longer in the clan.
21 days ago
Nazhorn joined the clan!
22 days ago
jack 9200 joined the clan!
22 days ago
Sovj is no longer in the clan.
23 days ago
Flotus joined the clan!
23 days ago
Angara changed their RSN to Snope.
24 days ago
Sovj joined the clan!
24 days ago
Flotus has been unlisted.
24 days ago
xai xai joined the clan!
28 days ago
Ganyux joined the clan!
Mon 20th August, 8:40pm
psizovrak280 joined the clan!
Sun 19th August, 3:40pm
Starbox changed their RSN to Lenay.
Sat 18th August, 5:40am
DracHellsing joined the clan!
Mon 13th August, 8:40pm
Tender Talon is no longer in the clan.
Sun 12th August, 4:40am
Hughh joined the clan!
Sat 11th August, 7:40pm
Hughieman has been unlisted.
Sat 11th August, 7:40pm
Quadrivitiu joined the clan!
Sat 11th August, 5:40pm
TallyHall joined the clan!
Sat 11th August, 4:40pm
Kilts changed their RSN to DoSolak.
Wed 8th August, 2:40pm
Ardify changed their RSN to Hughi.
Thu 2nd August, 1:40pm
Snope changed their RSN to Angara.
Thu 2nd August, 5:40am
Irizal joined the clan!
Fri 27th July, 9:40pm
Big Salmon changed their RSN to Izokina.
Fri 27th July, 8:40pm
Foen7 is no longer in the clan.
Fri 27th July, 6:40am
Lenay changed their RSN to Starbox.
Wed 25th July, 4:40am
Severyn changed their RSN to Raver Lad.
Tue 24th July, 2:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Rigonite99 Magic
3 hours ago
Nobbzi99 Summoning
3 hours ago
Popsyche50M Thieving XP
5 hours ago
rhedd99 Attack
6 hours ago
rhedd99 Defence
6 hours ago
rhedd99 Strength
6 hours ago
rhedd60M Invention XP
6 hours ago
Aorpheat40M Divination XP
7 hours ago
Hood justice650M Overall XP
7 hours ago
Silverpelt400M Overall XP
9 hours ago
Whitney J20M Attack XP
12 hours ago
Whitney J70M Invention XP
12 hours ago
Lovepanda20M Farming XP
12 hours ago
N0_B1g_Dea199 Woodcutting
13 hours ago
Dog Face80M Smithing XP
19 hours ago
Airshot40M Invention XP
20 hours ago
Positron20M Farming XP
1 day ago
Reapers50M Smithing XP
1 day ago
Runemidgart4.675B Overall XP
1 day ago
t3h r0nz160M Invention XP
1 day ago
Quadrivitiu75M Overall XP
1 day ago
iawhd20M Invention XP
2 days ago
Nobbzi99 Ranged
2 days ago
Garkules425M Overall XP
2 days ago
Runemidgart150M Herblore XP
2 days ago
Runemidgart170M Farming XP
2 days ago
KeeganDonley450M Overall XP
2 days ago
Garkules99 Construction
2 days ago
Chocoschism50M Smithing XP
2 days ago
Rossby1.525B Overall XP
2 days ago
Silverpelt20M Invention XP
2 days ago
Chocoschism60M Fishing XP
2 days ago
Nobbzi200M Overall XP
2 days ago
Dog Face1.425B Overall XP
2 days ago
EnervateYou20M Cooking XP
2 days ago
rhedd99 Dungeoneering
2 days ago
Pelothora950M Overall XP
2 days ago
Pelothora160M Magic XP
2 days ago
Garkules30M Constitution XP
2 days ago
Whitney J475M Overall XP
3 days ago