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Clan Members: 52
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.92
Total Level Average: 2,648
Citadel Level: 4
Clan XP: 8,659,666,472
Avg Clan XP: 166,532,047
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend763242,918,167
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Sat 18th February, 8:43pm
"We won't shatter your dreams"
Clan Leaders:
Clan Description:
We are a High Level Community/PvM Clan,
We are looking for high level, maxed and completionist players that also have interest in PvM.
This is a drama-free environment! Please be respectful of everyone.

We have a T7 citadel with 3 avatars, capping is not mandatory but it will help you to gain ranks.

We have players who are willing to boss every day, as long as you are willing to learn, we are willing to take you to PvM events such as Vorago and Raids.

Our clan homeworld is 16.

To keep the average knowledge of our members in-line with what we currently have, we have some requirements for new players to join:

You have to be a member, you must have a total level of 2500 or higher, you must also be 130+ combat.

Exceptions can be made to the requirements, pm a deputy+ for this.

Founded Dec 24th, 2014.

Apply here QFC: 92-93-199-65902360
and/or guest the clan chat to get in contact with a rank.
Event Log
dirty diper changed their RSN to Rasi.
20 hours ago
Vampiress is no longer in the clan.
3 days ago
Dragn0slayr is no longer in the clan.
6 days ago
The Fixed is no longer in the clan.
8 days ago
Farino is no longer in the clan.
8 days ago
Breads joined the clan!
8 days ago
HomeScape changed their RSN to Home Scape Site Donator .
9 days ago
Voet is no longer in the clan.
18 days ago
NearlyDecent is no longer in the clan.
21 days ago
Farino joined the clan!
22 days ago
Breads has been unlisted.
22 days ago
White Whwine changed their RSN to dirty diper.
27 days ago
Clepsydra is no longer in the clan.
Sat 16th December, 3:40am
Spraddle is no longer in the clan.
Fri 15th December, 11:40pm
Wild Jack is no longer in the clan.
Mon 11th December, 1:40am
SHUBHAMM is no longer in the clan.
Thu 7th December, 1:40pm
Luckyy Sam changed their RSN to SHUBHAMM.
Mon 4th December, 4:40pm
Unauthenic is no longer in the clan.
Mon 4th December, 2:40pm
Baeley is no longer in the clan.
Fri 1st December, 9:40pm
Soul Trap is no longer in the clan.
Fri 1st December, 5:40am
Chris Wolfe is no longer in the clan.
Fri 24th November, 10:40pm
Farino changed their RSN to White Whwine.
Thu 23rd November, 7:21pm
Defeatured has been unlisted.
Tue 21st November, 9:40pm
Home Scape changed their RSN to HomeScape.
Tue 21st November, 9:40pm
HomeScape changed their RSN to Defeatured Site Donator .
Tue 21st November, 8:40pm
Fr0zn is no longer in the clan.
Sun 19th November, 9:40pm
Scapula6 is no longer in the clan.
Sat 18th November, 10:40am
HomeScape Site Donator joined the clan!
Sat 18th November, 12:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Mars Bar80M Slayer XP
2 days ago
Vamp Lord392700M Overall XP
3 days ago
Kazimaru1.25B Overall XP
4 days ago
Vamp Lord39290M Invention XP
6 days ago
Mars Bar40M Ranged XP
6 days ago
Kazimaru100M Constitution XP
7 days ago
Kazimaru90M Strength XP
9 days ago
Dash5661630M Farming XP
11 days ago
TaskTime99 Construction
11 days ago
Rasi30M Strength XP
12 days ago
Kazimaru1.225B Overall XP
15 days ago
Kazimaru40M Attack XP
15 days ago
Kazimaru200M Invention XP
15 days ago
Mars Bar1.775B Overall XP
16 days ago
TaskTime99 Crafting
16 days ago
TaskTime99 Farming
16 days ago
Kazimaru1.2B Overall XP
19 days ago
Kazimaru30M Defence XP
20 days ago
Kazimaru30M Attack XP
21 days ago
Kazimaru190M Invention XP
22 days ago
Kazimaru80M Strength XP
22 days ago
Kazimaru90M Constitution XP
22 days ago
Kazimaru20M Prayer XP
22 days ago
Kazimaru120 Slayer
22 days ago
Kazimaru1.175B Overall XP
23 days ago
Mars Bar30M Divination XP
23 days ago
Dash56616100M Invention XP
24 days ago
Kazimaru100M Slayer XP
25 days ago
TaskTime40M Ranged XP
26 days ago
Dash566161.1B Overall XP
1 month ago
Dash5661660M Magic XP
Sat 16th December, 4:46pm
Mars Bar200M Invention XP
Mon 11th December, 4:47pm
Rinnosuke99 Attack
Sun 10th December, 6:47am
Rinnosuke99 Defence
Sun 10th December, 6:47am
Rinnosuke99 Strength
Sun 10th December, 6:47am