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Sleight Of Hand
Sleight of hand
Clan Members: 81
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.25
Total Level Average: 1,656
Citadel Level: 5
Clan XP: 3,345,398,040
Avg Clan XP: 41,301,210
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend862313,602,760
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Sat 17th November, 1:28pm
Mon 8th October, 6:32pm
"friendly and active, also have discord "
Clan Description:
Hi and welcome!
The truth is, though I make the final call in all major decisions, the clan is not really my clan. This clan belongs to each and every member of it.  We want this to be a fun, active clan. I welcome you to join, I think you will find us, a very homely clan. I value the input of each of my members. So if your looking for a home in RuneScape we can be that place.
I am always here to help. We are striving to make this the best clan in RuneScape and can only achieve that with its members!
Event Log
ironjackv3 joined the clan!
13 days ago
ironjackv2 joined the clan!
13 days ago
Aemon is no longer in the clan.
24 days ago
ImgineWagons is no longer in the clan.
29 days ago
daggersouls is no longer in the clan.
Fri 14th December, 9:40pm
Sharonn joined the clan!
Thu 13th December, 9:40pm
Mr jackblg changed their RSN to 2jacks1cup.
Mon 10th December, 3:40pm
Sharonn is no longer in the clan.
Fri 7th December, 11:40am
ElPraeses joined the clan!
Wed 5th December, 11:40am
Zialian changed their RSN to Nara Sonia.
Sat 1st December, 11:40pm
Deal215 is no longer in the clan.
Thu 29th November, 1:40am
Daddyjackblg changed their RSN to Mr jackblg.
Sat 24th November, 7:40pm
Nara Sonia joined the clan!
Sat 24th November, 7:40pm
Bonson is no longer in the clan.
Fri 23rd November, 5:40am
Jo123rg joined the clan!
Thu 22nd November, 11:40pm
GLord Ragnar changed their RSN to Lord Odin666.
Wed 21st November, 7:40pm
Godly Gerald is no longer in the clan.
Tue 20th November, 11:40pm
Aemon joined the clan!
Tue 20th November, 7:40pm
Euphalias joined the clan!
Tue 20th November, 11:40am
Clan Achievement Log
woutiboutie40M Constitution XP
22 hours ago
Nara Sonia99 Thieving
1 day ago
Abdusch1275M Overall XP
2 days ago
Abdusch120M Strength XP
3 days ago
DeadPool_66630M Herblore XP
5 days ago
Abdusch120M Attack XP
5 days ago
Iyllan99 Smithing
6 days ago
BramboNacho175M Overall XP
7 days ago
DeadPool_66650M Attack XP
12 days ago
DeadPool_6661.2B Overall XP
12 days ago
DeadPool_66620M Fishing XP
13 days ago
woutiboutie80M Invention XP
14 days ago
woutiboutie525M Overall XP
14 days ago
Zelda20M Agility XP
17 days ago
Zelda99 Invention
20 days ago
woutiboutie40M Defence XP
20 days ago
Tarn30M Dungeoneering XP
22 days ago
Zelda30M Invention XP
23 days ago
Zelda20M Divination XP
24 days ago
woutiboutie20M Dungeoneering XP
1 month ago
2jacks1cup1.525B Overall XP
Mon 17th December, 10:36am
Lord Odin66630M Defence XP
Sat 15th December, 4:58pm
Tarn99 Agility
Sat 15th December, 4:41am
Tarn99 Mining
Sat 15th December, 4:41am
Tarn99 Woodcutting
Sat 15th December, 4:41am
Tarn525M Overall XP
Sat 15th December, 4:41am
woutiboutie500M Overall XP
Fri 14th December, 12:31pm
2jacks1cup80M Defence XP
Tue 11th December, 6:57pm
2jacks1cup50M Strength XP
Wed 5th December, 10:38am
2jacks1cup1.5B Overall XP
Mon 3rd December, 11:23pm
Euphalias650M Overall XP
Mon 3rd December, 4:04pm
DeadPool_66640M Attack XP
Mon 3rd December, 10:25am
Tarn99 Runecrafting
Mon 3rd December, 2:57am
2jacks1cup140M Slayer XP
Sat 1st December, 12:03pm
2jacks1cup130M Constitution XP
Thu 29th November, 9:12pm
Mitchkle20M Defence XP
Wed 28th November, 8:02pm
2jacks1cup50M Ranged XP
Tue 27th November, 1:32am
Cybermango200M Overall XP
Mon 26th November, 6:48am