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Clan Members: 50
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.41
Total Level Average: 2,398
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 17,425,736,889
Avg Clan XP: 348,514,737
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend954299,915,321
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Wed 5th June, 9:20am
OrganiserMeghann Site Donator
Sat 27th April, 10:56am
Sat 11th August, 10:11pm
I am Capped
Wed 21st June, 9:02pm
"Surreal: Farts, Puns and More!"
Clan Description:
Surreal is a unique Runescape Skilling clan with an emphasis on developing a family-like community experience for all of our members to make their home. We are constantly innovating and trying to keep Surreal interesting and unpredictable. With a dedicated staff and welcoming members it is an excellent community to be a part of.

Surreal operates primarily on our own website, it is a shining example of innovation and progress for the Runescape clan community. It was developed by our leader Downfall to provide a private community for all of our members to come together and help encourage each other to strive to achieve all of their goals.

Surreal's staff team hosts a minimum of a few events every week, including comprehensive skilling competitions the likes of which can be found in no other clan. Our events are developed around trying to assist our members.

If you feel you can contribute to a mature, tight knit community please visit our offsite forums and take a look around!

Event Log
ROLL 5679 changed their RSN to Alrikride937.
4 days ago
GameOfThrone changed their RSN to ROLL 5679.
5 days ago
AsylumScape changed their RSN to The Atticus.
7 days ago
Megnificent is no longer in the clan.
19 days ago
GRABBY_HUSKY is no longer in the clan.
21 days ago
Certain Aura joined the clan!
22 days ago
Noble Meg changed their RSN to Megnificent.
28 days ago
Megnificent changed their RSN to Noble Meg.
30 days ago
Cristoph changed their RSN to Hurryup Kurt.
Thu 3rd October, 2:40am
Saint Kain is no longer in the clan.
Thu 26th September, 10:40pm
The Atticus changed their RSN to AsylumScape.
Thu 26th September, 3:40am
Asylum Scape joined the clan!
Thu 26th September, 3:40am
Iron Atticus has been unlisted.
Thu 26th September, 3:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Samro30100M Slayer XP
1 day ago
DarkElf mage50M Cooking XP
2 days ago
Loric30M Constitution XP
3 days ago
Aurorae Auri70M Smithing XP
3 days ago
Aurorae Auri1.9B Overall XP
3 days ago
Old Jos100M Smithing XP
3 days ago
Kermen30M Magic XP
4 days ago
Aurorae Auri190M Invention XP
5 days ago
DarkElf mage50M Herblore XP
5 days ago
Old Jos1.025B Overall XP
6 days ago
Aurorae Auri60M Smithing XP
7 days ago
Loric675M Overall XP
7 days ago
Aurorae Auri1.875B Overall XP
8 days ago
J_A_R_R_E_T40M Dungeoneering XP
9 days ago
DarkElf mage2.325B Overall XP
10 days ago
Aurorae Auri70M Firemaking XP
10 days ago
Kermen120M Farming XP
11 days ago
Old Jos90M Smithing XP
11 days ago
Aurorae Auri180M Invention XP
13 days ago
Aurorae Auri1.85B Overall XP
14 days ago
Loric50M Invention XP
14 days ago
Aurorae Auri60M Firemaking XP
14 days ago
Old Jos90M Farming XP
15 days ago
Kermen1.05B Overall XP
16 days ago
J_A_R_R_E_T40M Thieving XP
16 days ago
Aurorae Auri50M Hunter XP
18 days ago
HeavenlyCel100M Dungeoneering XP
20 days ago
Samro301.075B Overall XP
21 days ago
Aurorae Auri1.825B Overall XP
21 days ago
Kinteru99 Fletching
22 days ago
Aurorae Auri100M Woodcutting XP
22 days ago
Samro3020M Runecrafting XP
24 days ago
Aurorae Auri70M Mining XP
24 days ago
Aurorae Auri170M Invention XP
24 days ago
Kermen20M Crafting XP
25 days ago
J_A_R_R_E_T30M Cooking XP
25 days ago
Old Jos1B Overall XP
26 days ago
DarkElf mage110M Farming XP
26 days ago
White Cloak1.2B Overall XP
26 days ago
White Cloak30M Mining XP
26 days ago