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The Ember Knights
The Ember Knights
Clan Members: 91
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.70
Total Level Average: 1,805
Citadel Level: 6
Clan XP: 5,053,873,844
Avg Clan XP: 55,537,075
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend732496,861,763
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Captain Tobi
Mon 11th September, 9:25pm
Deputy OwnerBushes Site Donator
Sun 19th June, 6:10pm
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In nature we destroy. In humanity we inspire."
Clan Description:
As time goes on, every speck of light and every touch of cinder wanes. Some of us dim, some of us burn. But all of us hungry. To be an Ember Knight is to cast away your cold outlook and to accept the warmth of your brother or sister in arms. To hold the flames that unite our lost land in the hopes that the Lord may return to once again lead this empty kingdom. We do not exist to kill monsters or harvest them for their armors. We merely stand side by side, enveloping each other in a blanket of forgotten hell. To be an Ember Knight is to speak through the flames and ask nothing in return. To kneel to something that people do not even remember the name of. As no matter how hard the winds of war brush against us, our flames grow only brighter.  But in the end, no flame lasts forever...  Only with your fellow Embers can we burn as One.
Event Log
Rofl Waffle joined the clan!
6 days ago
Time Frame changed their RSN to E1M.
10 days ago
Kat Kill U is no longer in the clan.
13 days ago
dmitri56 is no longer in the clan.
16 days ago
D y l o n is no longer in the clan.
23 days ago
REAPER_R0SE joined the clan!
Wed 18th April, 3:40am
Gather1187 is no longer in the clan.
Sun 15th April, 10:40pm
Dububs_I changed their RSN to Dububs.
Fri 6th April, 3:40am
No Nox is no longer in the clan.
Sun 1st April, 5:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
joehjoeh50M Overall XP
25 days ago
TSgt300M Overall XP
27 days ago
Jmarsi75M Overall XP
28 days ago
Jepp40M Ranged XP
Wed 18th April, 7:48pm
Bunz99 Magic
Wed 18th April, 7:46am
Bushes Site Donator99 Crafting
Mon 16th April, 6:45pm
Brave7150M Overall XP
Sun 15th April, 5:48pm
Jepp90M Invention XP
Wed 11th April, 5:48am
Jepp375M Overall XP
Wed 4th April, 7:47am
Jepp99 Slayer
Thu 29th March, 4:48pm
CrazyCadaver99 Runecrafting
Thu 29th March, 7:47am
Bushes Site Donator650M Overall XP
Wed 28th March, 11:45pm
CrazyCadaver99 Smithing
Sun 25th March, 6:49am
Jepp30M Ranged XP
Sun 25th March, 3:50am
Burn-0ne40M Constitution XP
Sat 24th March, 6:54pm
Burn-0ne325M Overall XP
Mon 19th March, 11:53pm
Olioop80M Fishing XP
Sat 17th March, 10:49pm
Bigmitch777799 Magic
Sat 17th March, 5:53pm
Bushes Site Donator20M Defence XP
Sat 17th March, 6:45am
Bigmitch777720M Defence XP
Wed 14th March, 12:55am
CrazyCadaver99 Crafting
Tue 13th March, 12:52am
Olioop200M Invention XP
Mon 12th March, 6:47am
Olioop875M Overall XP
Mon 12th March, 2:49am
MSgt850M Overall XP
Mon 12th March, 1:46am
Rayfromclass125M Overall XP
Sun 11th March, 3:50am
Burn-0ne20M Magic XP
Sat 10th March, 3:52pm
Olioop40M Ranged XP
Sat 10th March, 3:48am
Rayfromclass50M Runecrafting XP
Thu 8th March, 2:50am
Havek6300M Overall XP
Wed 7th March, 4:51am
Sorrell88850M Overall XP
Tue 6th March, 4:52am
Havek699 Mining
Mon 5th March, 3:52am