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The Nexicans
The Nexicans
Clan Members: 74
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.98
Total Level Average: 2,607
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 39,360,652,140
Avg Clan XP: 531,900,704
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,243309,373,343
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Thu 21st December, 10:55amPINNED
Thu 14th September, 6:50pm
Sat 4th February, 3:49am
Wed 1st February, 7:17pm
Sun 23rd October, 5:23pm
Mon 17th October, 6:56am
Thu 14th July, 2:35pm
Clan Description:
Hello Friends,

We are kind of a pvm clan, very mature clan chat and very very helpful ! feel free to guest in.

Quick find code: 92-93-491-65812182
Off-site: w11.zetaboards/c0m/thenexicans

We mainly do
* High level pvm bossing:
- Vorago
- Vorago Hardmode (mauls/bombi hunt)
- Raids
- Rise of the Six
- Nex
- Nex : Angel Of Death
We have Tier 7 Citadel with 3 avatars.

If you want to join our clan, fill in the application on our website or on the ORSF and  hopefully we will welcome you to our clan!

Hope to see you soon!

Event Log
Basiate is no longer in the clan.
13 days ago
R achel is no longer in the clan.
20 days ago
Skulled Hunt160M Firemaking XP
1 day ago
Correct 170M Runecrafting XP
4 days ago
Shaniz150M Farming XP
9 days ago
Ritterbruder60M Agility XP
9 days ago
Ritterbruder60M Hunter XP
9 days ago
Correct 3.6B Overall XP
9 days ago
Shaniz3.5B Overall XP
11 days ago
TShakur100M Construction XP
12 days ago
Shaniz70M Prayer XP
14 days ago
TShakur2.325B Overall XP
14 days ago
Hadyy4.475B Overall XP
14 days ago
Correct 110M Herblore XP
15 days ago
Skulled Hunt3.6B Overall XP
16 days ago
Correct 200M Farming XP
16 days ago
Correct 190M Farming XP
17 days ago
TShakur90M Construction XP
18 days ago
Shaniz190M Ranged XP
18 days ago
Correct 3.575B Overall XP
19 days ago
Skulled Hunt120M Hunter XP
21 days ago
Correct 150M Attack XP
21 days ago
Correct 150M Strength XP
21 days ago
Tek A Bee130M Dungeoneering XP
21 days ago
Tajger50M Fletching XP
22 days ago
Ritterbruder70M Mining XP
23 days ago
Ritterbruder60M Construction XP
25 days ago
Tajger180M Smithing XP
25 days ago
Shaniz70M Fishing XP
29 days ago
Hadyy150M Firemaking XP
1 month ago
Hadyy190M Farming XP
1 month ago
Skulled Hunt80M Runecrafting XP
Sat 28th December, 4:48am
Shaniz3.475B Overall XP
Fri 27th December, 7:53am
Correct 40M Crafting XP
Thu 26th December, 3:42pm
Ritterbruder2.15B Overall XP
Thu 26th December, 2:49am
Shaniz200M Strength XP
Sat 21st December, 5:56am
Shaniz100M Agility XP
Sat 21st December, 2:58am
Hadyy160M Crafting XP
Wed 18th December, 8:59am
Ritterbruder100M Farming XP
Wed 18th December, 5:10am
Tajger3.775B Overall XP
Tue 17th December, 7:38am
Skulled Hunt200M Strength XP
Mon 16th December, 10:49pm
Shaniz3.45B Overall XP
Mon 16th December, 4:56pm