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Clan Members: 98
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.27
Total Level Average: 2,362
Citadel Level: 5
Clan XP: 13,078,881,312
Avg Clan XP: 133,457,972
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,609176,856,222
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OverseerWhipi Site Donator
Mon 31st July, 9:10pm
"cc uh. Feel free to guest. All welcome."
Clan Leaders:
Clan Description:
Welcome to the official clan page of Clan ''uh''.
The clan finds his origins in players who like to pvm pvp skill and being social. We value quality over quantity, meaning we have all sorts of people playing in a tight and interactive community.

Founding date:  22nd of november 2016.

- 130 CB or 2200 total level.
- Being mature and respectful towards other players.
- In certain cases ''level 3 combat skillers'' are also welcome.

Things we do:
- Skilling and chillling
- PvP content
- PvM content
- Minigames
- Dungeoneering
- Warbands

* We have our own discord server
* Avatars: YES
* Homeworlds: 24

For more information please check our forum at:
Quick find code: 290-291-771-65853400
Event Log
Daveron is no longer in the clan.
10 days ago
Im Clara is no longer in the clan.
Tue 29th October, 11:40pm
Aeturnus changed their RSN to MandolinSin.
Fri 25th October, 4:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Axam60M Thieving XP
2 hours ago
vem e han99 Construction
17 hours ago
vem e han99 Cooking
17 hours ago
Wild Fire59020M Divination XP
2 days ago
Wild Fire59040M Herblore XP
2 days ago
Ps2 An90M Thieving XP
4 days ago
Big nastee90M Farming XP
4 days ago
Durim30M Runecrafting XP
5 days ago
Wild Fire59020M Agility XP
7 days ago
MandolinSin500M Overall XP
8 days ago
Ps2 An100M Invention XP
10 days ago
balefather99 Construction
10 days ago
Wild Fire5901B Overall XP
12 days ago
HypeR_X_NovA99 Summoning
13 days ago
Ps4 an50M Farming XP
14 days ago
Keelin100M Magic XP
14 days ago
Wild Fire59030M Herblore XP
15 days ago
Wild Fire59020M Woodcutting XP
15 days ago
Axam20M Smithing XP
15 days ago
Axam20M Dungeoneering XP
15 days ago
Axam725M Overall XP
15 days ago
Big nastee600M Overall XP
17 days ago
Big nastee50M Smithing XP
17 days ago
Evidential99 Slayer
17 days ago
Wild Fire59020M Crafting XP
17 days ago
Terencio60M Hunter XP
17 days ago
Keelin20M Farming XP
19 days ago
Wild Fire590975M Overall XP
21 days ago
Wild Fire59060M Farming XP
21 days ago
Ps4 an40M Invention XP
22 days ago
MandolinSin20M Woodcutting XP
24 days ago
Keelin1B Overall XP
27 days ago
Axam40M Ranged XP
28 days ago
Keelin90M Magic XP
1 month ago