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Spirits Of Arianwyn
Spirits of Arianwyn
Clan Members: 382
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.61
Total Level Average: 2,369
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 126,716,566,059
Avg Clan XP: 331,718,759
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1492,178,322,591
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Wed 23rd October, 1:50am
Fri 1st February, 11:42pm
Sun 16th September, 7:24pm
Tue 9th January, 11:39pm
Sat 30th December, 5:16am
Fri 20th October, 6:58am
Mon 27th June, 8:58am
Barry Allenn
Thu 23rd June, 1:36am
Sun 19th June, 5:06am
Barry Allenn
Sat 18th June, 2:09am
Fri 17th June, 8:15pm
Wed 15th June, 7:35pm
Mon 6th June, 6:33pm
Deputy OwnerPsychojonas
Mon 30th May, 10:39pm
Deputy OwnerAglarion Site Donator
Mon 30th May, 1:55pm
"Chillin', skillin', chattin', killin'. Come on in :) "
Clan Description:
Here at Spirits of Arianwyn or SoA, we don't believe in having strict event requirements and we have no skill requirement to join as a trial member. To become a full member you need 1300 overall levels but you are welcome to stay as a trial member until you reach that milestone.

Our main goal within SoA is to have a great community where people love to chat and hang out. We host all kinds of events: skilling, chilling, and monster killing.

To come talk with us in SoA please make your way over to our clan chat 'Spirits of Arianwyn'. Visitors are welcome. We have open arms to anyone that wants to join, however you do need to follow all RuneScape rules.

Once you've made an introduction you'll see how friendly our members really are, as we always post welcomes on new introduction threads.

If you are respectful, friendly, follow all RuneScape rules and like to have fun with a great group of people from all over the world, SoA may be just what you are looking for. :)

Event Log
WarriorNin40 changed their RSN to Le Bourgeois.
1 day ago
Pink Plumm joined the clan!
3 days ago
Rokie1855 has been unlisted.
3 days ago
YuGiMutou joined the clan!
10 days ago
imma_NOOB is no longer in the clan.
11 days ago
Aardbark is no longer in the clan.
11 days ago
Hells Spouse joined the clan!
15 days ago
Jav1 joined the clan!
16 days ago
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17 days ago
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19 days ago
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19 days ago
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23 days ago
CriticalErr joined the clan!
23 days ago
Zumas joined the clan!
24 days ago
Tjuvjakt is no longer in the clan.
24 days ago
Mew The Elf changed their RSN to Super Mew.
25 days ago
Le Bourgeois joined the clan!
26 days ago
Fairmaiden05 changed their RSN to I_am Mari.
Fri 20th December, 3:40am
Broli Barns is no longer in the clan.
Tue 17th December, 1:40am
Determined07 is no longer in the clan.
Mon 16th December, 3:40am
VlRGlNMARY is no longer in the clan.
Sun 15th December, 1:40am
Grandwestham is no longer in the clan.
Sat 14th December, 2:40pm
Tjuvjakt joined the clan!
Fri 13th December, 2:40pm
Varus is no longer in the clan.
Wed 11th December, 12:40am
HandmadeHat is no longer in the clan.
Wed 11th December, 12:40am
Reita is no longer in the clan.
Tue 10th December, 8:40am
Broli Barns joined the clan!
Mon 9th December, 12:40am
DaddyChains joined the clan!
Sat 7th December, 8:40pm
Determined07 joined the clan!
Fri 6th December, 6:40am
T00 Gr33Dy has been unlisted.
Fri 6th December, 6:40am
Super Mew changed their RSN to Mew The Elf.
Mon 2nd December, 10:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Roelio1.225B Overall XP
2 hours ago
Varghoss25M Overall XP
3 hours ago
Ordragon160M Thieving XP
8 hours ago
Alex Undeath50M Attack XP
8 hours ago
Alex Undeath50M Invention XP
8 hours ago
Ninja_Of_SoA60M Farming XP
12 hours ago
MandyPandy120M Farming XP
13 hours ago
YGE90M Runecrafting XP
15 hours ago
TeamBeefcake525M Overall XP
17 hours ago
Dr J250M Overall XP
19 hours ago
Wizanthony90M Smithing XP
1 day ago
R S Zelda50M Farming XP
1 day ago
olgamerbroad20M Thieving XP
1 day ago
Amhra99 Thieving
1 day ago
Queen 2 All1.775B Overall XP
1 day ago
MandyPandy70M Herblore XP
1 day ago
Ordragon11.625B Overall XP
1 day ago
Fred Walker2.875B Overall XP
2 days ago
KitCats20M Dungeoneering XP
2 days ago
Wizanthony3.2B Overall XP
2 days ago
olgamerbroad99 Prayer
2 days ago
Sploogly80M Herblore XP
3 days ago
Sub 799 Crafting
3 days ago
Art Palete60M Herblore XP
3 days ago
Lizziefrog1.075B Overall XP
3 days ago
Erehk100M Woodcutting XP
3 days ago
Wufaris1.575B Overall XP
3 days ago
Wizanthony80M Smithing XP
3 days ago
Sub 799 Agility
3 days ago
itsameeey99 Mining
3 days ago
Zamandria40M Thieving XP
4 days ago
Wufaris120M Farming XP
4 days ago
Sesquialtera40M Dungeoneering XP
4 days ago
S H A N E1.85B Overall XP
4 days ago
Reydeltodo70M Farming XP
4 days ago
Give It All30M Farming XP
4 days ago
Psychojonas1.4B Overall XP
4 days ago
Psychojonas50M Herblore XP
4 days ago
Sgt Pepper1.65B Overall XP
5 days ago
Ordragon160M Hunter XP
5 days ago