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Zer0 Pvm
zer0 pvm
Clan Members: 490
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.41
Total Level Average: 2,732
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 273,612,504,030
Avg Clan XP: 558,392,865
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend213,781,579,010
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Not all join dates are accurate and only date back to when RuneClan was founded in March 2014
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Name SortSortRank SortSortKills SortSortClan XP SortSort
Joined Fri 5th August 16
Owner Owner12997,909,965
Sam N Stuff
Joined Wed 18th March 15
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner2,3974,241,010,462
Joined Mon 29th December 14
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner71,756,960,197
Joined Sun 10th July 16
Overseer Overseer0416,625,417
Saint Gher
Joined Sat 4th June 16
Overseer Overseer01,607,375,827
Brb Expwaste
Joined Fri 19th December 14
Overseer Overseer8,5743,327,433,278
flamewave 99
Joined Tue 19th March 19
Coordinator Coordinator0595,883,448
Joined Mon 29th September 14
Coordinator Coordinator2878,186,378
Joined Thu 4th August 16
Coordinator Coordinator01,206,442,308
CMunk Alvin
Joined Fri 28th March 14
Coordinator Coordinator44784,675,951
Solai X
Joined Wed 25th July 18
Coordinator Coordinator01,048,315,749
Joined Sat 24th March 18
Coordinator Coordinator0700,285,530
Joined Sat 25th February 17
Coordinator Coordinator801,894,573,710
Pro Austin Site Donator
Joined Wed 10th October 18
Organiser Organiser161,870,594,581
M age
Joined Mon 18th February 19
Organiser Organiser27716,464,221
Joined Thu 28th July 16
Organiser Organiser1352,408,983,699
Joined Fri 19th May 17
Organiser Organiser8962,177,083,863
Joined Fri 2nd March 18
Organiser Organiser02,159,957,868
slens sation
Joined Sun 13th September 15
Organiser Organiser01,860,446,172
African Herb
Joined Sat 9th March 19
Admin Admin3269,279,573
Joined Tue 10th October 17
Admin Admin81,052,645,681
Legend Dary
Joined Mon 2nd October 17
General General121,218,632,185
maxim pvm
Joined Sun 3rd September 17
General General0739,674,755
Umbra Avis
Joined Fri 7th July 17
General General21,121,691,198
Joined Fri 24th May 19
Captain Captain00