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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Villager armbandMembers77920
Villager hatMembers2,24873
Villager hatMembers2,37112
Villager hatMembers2,64458
Villager hatMembers2,23962
Villager robeMembers3710
Villager robeMembers6238
Villager robeMembers1,5519
Villager robeMembers1,2249
Villager sandalsMembers3,2120
Villager sandalsMembers1,404-4
Villager sandalsMembers3,1000
Villager sandalsMembers847-4
Viridian chinchompa (unchecked)Members163,2000
Viridian skillchompaMembers2564
Virtus armour setMembers67,700,0000
Virtus bookMembers2,700,0000
Virtus book shardMembers44,6000
Virtus bootsMembers2,600,0000
Virtus boots shardMembers36,8000
Virtus glovesMembers2,400,0000
Virtus gloves shardMembers17,8000
Virtus maskMembers7,000,0000
Virtus mask shardMembers33,9000
Virtus robe legsMembers21,700,0000
Virtus robe legs shardMembers54,3000
Virtus robe topMembers29,800,0000
Virtus robe top shardMembers41,8000
Virtus wandMembers2,900,0000
Virtus wand shardMembers12,5000
Vis waxMembers8,483-59
Vital sparkMembers104,200-3,173
Void ravager pouchMembers11,500-443
Void shifter pouchMembers5,2820
Void spinner pouchMembers10,2000
Void torcher pouchMembers6,469-61
Volcanic fragmentsMembers115,200,0000
Volcanic str. scrollMembers2581
Vulatrice eggMembers36,8000
Vulnerability bombMembers20,400-1,075
Vyrewatch legsMembers3,1230
Vyrewatch shoesMembers2,4120
Vyrewatch topMembers1,4320
Wand of the Cywir eldersMembers8,600,000111,100
Wand of the Cywir eldersMembers16,200,0000
Wand of the Cywir elders (broken)Members14,500,0000
Wand of the cywir elders shardMembers19,2000
Wand of the praesulMembers519,800,0000
Wand of the praesul shardMembers1,300,0000