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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Off-hand black dartMembers944
Off-hand black knifeMembers912
Off-hand bronze dartMembers191
Off-hand bronze knifeMembers382
Off-hand bronze throwing axeMembers322
Off-hand dragon dartMembers207-3
Off-hand dragon javelinMembers289-2
Off-hand dragon knifeMembers1,1304
Off-hand dragon throwing axeMembers2172
Off-hand iron dartMembers270
Off-hand iron knifeMembers620
Off-hand iron throwing axeMembers19-1
Off-hand mithril dartMembers201
Off-hand mithril knifeMembers1501
Off-hand mithril throwing axeMembers643
Off-hand rune dartMembers95-1
Off-hand rune knifeMembers470-2
Off-hand rune throwing axeMembers681-29
Off-hand steel dartMembers151
Off-hand steel knifeMembers1123
Off-hand steel throwing axeMembers31-1
Ogre arrowMembers1140
Red chinchompaMembers1,963-10
Rune brutalMembers8920
Rune dartMembers833
Rune javelinFree1831
Rune knifeMembers776-40
Rune throwing axeMembers429-11
Steel brutalMembers25-1
Steel dartMembers19-1
Steel javelinFree128-2
Steel knifeMembers126-4
Steel throwing axeMembers1103
Tarromin tarMembers1341
Viridian skillchompaMembers146-6
Wyvern spinesMembers3900