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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Woven topMembers857-18
Woven topMembers6970
Woven topMembers7600
Wrapped oomlieMembers2,846112
Wreath crown tokenMembers112,6005,278
Wreath shield tokenFree33,700-1,456
Wyrm heartMembers23,500,0000
Wyrm scalpMembers20,800,0000
Wyrm spikeMembers12,700,000553,300
Wyvern bonesMembers2,862-98
Wyvern crossbowMembers22,100,0000
Wyvern spinesMembers3786
Yak balloon tokenFree1,300,0000
Yak milkMembers2,48376
Yak plushie tokenFree897,5000
Yak tuftMembers2092
Yak-hide armour (legs)Members1,2048
Yak-hide armour (top)Members1,587-12
Yanillian hopsMembers1824
Yanillian seedMembers35-2
Yellow beadFree422-2
Yellow dyeFree1,585-33
Yellow featherFree32-2
Yellow flowersMembers1,6706
Yellow partyhatFree2,100,000,0000
Yew composite bowMembers469,2006,407
Yew logsFree1302
Yew pyre logsMembers11,500-196
Yew rootsMembers979-36
Yew seedMembers18,500298
Yew shieldbowFree5064
Yew shieldbow (u)Members191-1
Yew shortbowFree681-1
Yew shortbow (u)Members194-4
Yew stockMembers197-2
Young impling jarMembers66115
Zamatrice eggMembers2,434-41
Zamorak arrowsMembers88-1
Zamorak bodyMembers292,50013,400
Zamorak bowMembers319,1000
Zamorak brew (1)Members979-34
Zamorak brew (2)Members1,7050
Zamorak brew (3)Members1,24517
Zamorak brew (4)Members2,1780
Zamorak brew flask (6)Members7,7260
Zamorak chapsMembers269,10012,400
Zamorak cloakMembers312,6000
Zamorak coifMembers273,90012,800
Zamorak crozierMembers286,00013,300