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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Adrenaline crystalMembers65,6000
Avantoe potion (unf)Members2,685-36
Bloodweed potion (unf)Members22,700978
Blue dragon scaleMembers1,561-9
Bowl of hot waterMembers2252
Cactus spineMembers9,180-281
Cadantine potion (unf)Members5,535-96
Clean avantoeMembers2,54345
Clean bloodweedMembers26,300-491
Clean cadantineMembers5,106-60
Clean dwarf weedMembers2,985-10
Clean fellstalkMembers3,25242
Clean guamFree157-1
Clean harralanderMembers1351
Clean iritMembers3,225-45
Clean kwuarmMembers5,533-76
Clean lantadymeMembers3,690-37
Clean marrentillFree175-4
Clean ranarrMembers3,884-82
Clean snapdragonMembers3,39450
Clean spirit weedMembers2,20522
Clean tarrominFree502
Clean toadflaxMembers5,4228
Clean torstolMembers4,36016
Clean wergaliMembers996-22
Cockatrice eggMembers2,17688
Coconut milkMembers6,2380
Crushed nestMembers4,854-36
Crystal flaskMembers2,29033
Cup of hot waterMembers2178
Cup of waterMembers452
Desert goat hornMembers69613
Dragon scale dustMembers129-3
Dwarf weed potion (unf)Members3,46019
Eye of newtFree9-1
Fellstalk potion (unf)Members3,90088
Goat horn dustMembers97722
Grimy avantoeMembers2,29516
Grimy bloodweedMembers26,000-545
Grimy cadantineMembers4,876-84
Grimy dwarf weedMembers2,77828
Grimy fellstalkMembers3,05812
Grimy guamFree1802
Grimy harralanderMembers1012
Grimy iritMembers3,098-21
Grimy kwuarmMembers5,336-28
Grimy lantadymeMembers3,472-16