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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Baby impling jarMembers8200
Black salamanderMembers6,484-145
Black warlockMembers352-12
Blue featherFree610
Common kebbit furMembers50
Crystal impling jarMembers666,5000
Dark kebbit furMembers723
Dashing kebbit furMembers90-3
Desert devil furMembers111
Diseased kebbit furMembers110
Divine impling jarMembers39,1000
Dragon impling jarMembers135,700266
Earth impling jarMembers9577
Eclectic impling jarMembers2,2620
Essence impling jarMembers1,4500
Feldip weasel furMembers6-1
Gourmet impling jarMembers1,4580
Graahk furMembers4,402124
Grenwall spikesMembers1,159-52
Kebbit clawsMembers571-7
Kebbit spikeMembers430
Kebbit teethMembers10,500150
Kingly impling jarMembers208,2000
Kyatt furMembers3,4820
Larupia furMembers4,5360
Long kebbit spikeMembers1130
Magpie impling jarMembers10,500323
Nature impling jarMembers3,1900
Ninja impling jarMembers15,300242
Orange featherFree21-1
Orange salamanderMembers4,842158
Pirate impling jarMembers146,4000
Polar kebbit furFree4,919-160
Rabbit footMembers2,39628
Raw pawya meatMembers985-6
Red featherFree21-1
Red salamanderMembers5,8110
Ruby harvestMembers1,80250
Sapphire glacialisMembers2210
Snowy knightMembers663-29
Spirit impling jarMembers7,5930
Spotted kebbit furMembers451
Stripy featherMembers180
Swamp lizardMembers5,000-82
Tatty graahk furMembers41-2
Tatty kyatt furMembers49-2
Tatty larupia furMembers2975
Wimpy featherMembers365-4
Yellow featherFree231
Young impling jarMembers6958