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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Abyssal orbMembers96,9001,409
Abyssal wandMembers88,4000
Ahrim's book of magicMembers520,7000
Ahrim's book of magic (broken)Members148,0000
Ahrim's staffMembers2,300,0000
Ahrim's staff (broken)Members1,000,0000
Ahrim's wandMembers422,0000
Ahrim's wand (broken)Members48,4000
Air battlestaffMembers8,08870
Ancient staffMembers61,900-300
Apprentice wandMembers111,6002,183
Bat bookFree7,631-208
Bat staffMembers680,0000
Bat wandFree8,293-283
Beginner wandMembers68,8000
Cat staffMembers699,4000
Corrupt zuriel's staffMembers73,5000
Crystal orbMembers130,100-5,877
Crystal staffMembers173,600-7,585
Crystal wandMembers125,000-3,264
Dormant Staff of SliskeMembers1,300,000,0000
Dragon battlestaffMembers206,4000
Dragon staffMembers682,8000
Earth battlestaffMembers8,28121
Fire battlestaffMembers8,126110
Grifolic orbMembers27,000-317
Grifolic wandMembers29,300901
Guthix crozierMembers720,1000
Imp horn wandFree2,03372
Imperium coreMembers273,500,0000
Imphide bookFree1,908-9
Lava battlestaffMembers9,28134
Magic staffFree1,122-28
Master wandMembers216,1003,924
Mud battlestaffMembers28,900-522
Mystic air staffMembers24,400-5
Mystic earth staffMembers23,90024
Mystic fire staffMembers23,900-196
Mystic lava staffMembers45,400-1,168
Mystic mud staffMembers62,100-1,266
Mystic orbMembers23,1000
Mystic steam staffMembers85,4001,551
Mystic wandMembers31,600338
Mystic water staffMembers24,000358
Noxious staffMembers133,400,0000
Orb of the Cywir eldersMembers8,200,0000
Penguin staffMembers658,00020,000
Polypore staffMembers1,700,00045,200