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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Adamant 2h swordFree7,3188
Adamant battleaxeFree6,06488
Adamant caneMembers483,70021,000
Adamant clawMembers5,221134
Adamant daggerFree2,97234
Adamant halberdMembers15,700523
Adamant hastaMembers2,681119
Adamant longswordFree5,342-85
Adamant maceFree2,916125
Adamant scimitarFree5,54158
Adamant spearMembers8,191242
Adamant swordFree3,06338
Adamant warhammerFree2,97891
Ancient maceMembers1,06150
Black 2h swordFree3,002107
Black battleaxeFree4,008109
Black caneMembers783,9000
Black clawMembers3,807147
Black daggerFree1,40950
Black halberdMembers6,676146
Black longswordFree1,596-34
Black maceFree2,786105
Black scimitarFree3,7925
Black spearMembers1,33661
Black swordFree2,595-51
Black warhammerFree1,65565
Bone clubMembers8670
Bone daggerMembers2,34027
Bone spearMembers1,61538
Bronze 2h swordFree9429
Bronze battleaxeFree2450
Bronze clawMembers65115
Bronze daggerFree32110
Bronze halberdMembers1,22334
Bronze hastaMembers2145
Bronze longswordFree3874
Bronze maceFree2218
Bronze scimitarFree5299
Bronze spearMembers2,67643
Bronze swordFree3803
Bronze warhammerFree924
Corrupt statius's warhammerMembers228,8006,953
Corrupt vesta's longswordMembers134,600726
Corrupt vesta's spearMembers65,1001,483
Egg whiskMembers181
Frying panMembers92138
Guthix mjolnirMembers3,34636
Iron 2h swordFree1,21538
Iron battleaxeFree1,01130