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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Blade of AvaryssMembers635,0000
Blade of AvaryssMembers1,800,0000
Blade of Avaryss (broken)Members1,700,0000
Blade of NymoraMembers742,9000
Blade of NymoraMembers2,000,0000
Blade of Nymora (broken)Members2,100,0000
Brackish bladeMembers114,8000
Brine sabreMembers107,9000
Corrupt dragon battleaxeFree90,900-1,637
Corrupt dragon daggerFree68,4000
Corrupt dragon longswordFree70,300-2,184
Corrupt dragon maceFree77,000-2,180
Corrupt dragon scimitarFree122,200-3,030
Corrupt dragon spearFree1,000,00018,800
Crystal daggerMembers129,900-3,738
Crystal halberdMembers226,1003,306
Dragon 2h swordMembers133,600-1,339
Dragon battleaxeMembers117,100-1,786
Dragon caneMembers372,50016,500
Dragon clawMembers74,5001,086
Dragon daggerMembers17,300-83
Dragon halberdMembers196,4003,595
Dragon hastaMembers29,0000
Dragon longswordMembers58,200246
Dragon maceMembers28,90062
Dragon Rider lanceMembers26,700,000191,000
Dragon Rider lance (broken)Members22,700,000389,500
Dragon scimitarMembers59,00085
Dragon spearMembers36,700280
Dragon warhammerMembers179,600-7,390
Granite maceMembers24,6000
Granite maulMembers27,900-863
Gud raider axeFree22,000,0000
Khopesh of the KharidianMembers718,900-4,334
Kitchen knifeMembers7,6770
Leaf-bladed swordMembers39,300291
Meat tenderiserMembers25,0000
Off-hand crystal daggerMembers132,6000
Off-hand dragon battleaxeMembers118,8002,690
Off-hand dragon clawMembers41,9000
Off-hand dragon daggerMembers18,6000
Off-hand dragon longswordMembers57,700570
Off-hand dragon maceMembers28,60066
Off-hand dragon scimitarMembers87,300525
Off-hand dragon warhammerMembers53,200-2,091
Off-hand khopesh of the KharidianMembers3,600,0000
Off-hand leaf-bladed swordMembers39,000-905
Off-hand ripper clawMembers1,000,0000
Off-hand rune battleaxeMembers24,300116