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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Blade of AvaryssMembers1,100,00038,300
Blade of AvaryssMembers1,800,0000
Blade of Avaryss (broken)Members1,700,0000
Blade of NymoraMembers1,300,00048,600
Blade of NymoraMembers2,000,0000
Blade of Nymora (broken)Members2,100,0000
Brackish bladeMembers148,2000
Brine sabreMembers862,10039,200
Corrupt dragon battleaxeFree249,9000
Corrupt dragon daggerFree121,9001,114
Corrupt dragon longswordFree159,300-3,312
Corrupt dragon maceFree151,900-2,299
Corrupt dragon scimitarFree267,900-592
Corrupt dragon spearFree3,900,0000
Crystal daggerMembers191,700-9,264
Crystal halberdMembers213,000-9,713
Dragon 2h swordMembers178,9007,078
Dragon battleaxeMembers115,700-1,714
Dragon clawMembers148,400-1,526
Dragon daggerMembers18,700115
Dragon halberdMembers201,100-72
Dragon hastaMembers27,800-458
Dragon longswordMembers55,800536
Dragon maceMembers25,500-1,024
Dragon Rider lanceMembers24,800,0001,100,000
Dragon Rider lance (broken)Members22,700,000389,500
Dragon scimitarMembers61,400264
Dragon spearMembers36,000-552
Dragon warhammerMembers209,000640
Granite maceMembers23,5000
Granite maulMembers27,90025
Gud raider axeFree16,500,0000
Kitchen knifeMembers6,022254
Leaf-bladed swordMembers39,000-403
Meat tenderiserMembers24,300-117
Off-hand crystal daggerMembers153,600-5,851
Off-hand dragon battleaxeMembers125,000-871
Off-hand dragon clawMembers114,400-5,273
Off-hand dragon daggerMembers19,800809
Off-hand dragon longswordMembers106,300984
Off-hand dragon maceMembers46,900559
Off-hand dragon scimitarMembers100,000522
Off-hand dragon warhammerMembers51,6000
Off-hand leaf-bladed swordMembers38,900194
Off-hand ripper clawMembers3,900,0000
Off-hand rune battleaxeMembers23,800-324
Off-hand rune clawMembers7,134-130
Off-hand rune daggerMembers3,844-88
Off-hand rune longswordMembers17,300-345