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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Abyssal bane longswordMembers572,5000
Abyssal bane off hand longswordMembers666,7000
Abyssal bane two hand swordMembers715,9000
Abyssal whipMembers69,900-1,034
Armadyl godswordMembers3,400,00059,700
Armadyl hiltMembers2,600,0000
Bandos godswordMembers882,2000
Bandos hiltMembers315,600-7,547
Bane 2h swordMembers57,6000
Bane 2h sword + 1Members54,4001,578
Bane 2h sword + 2Members105,7000
Bane 2h sword + 3Members216,9005,586
Bane 2h sword + 4Members487,50019,400
Bane longswordMembers39,1000
Bane longsword + 1Members27,300862
Bane longsword + 2Members269,2000
Bane longsword + 3Members109,1003,393
Bane longsword + 4Members283,7005,848
Bane off hand longswordMembers44,1000
Bane off hand longsword + 1Members143,7000
Bane off hand longsword + 2Members175,0000
Bane off hand longsword + 3Members105,7000
Bane off hand longsword + 4Members306,5000
Broken abyssal bane longswordMembers2,100,0000
Broken abyssal bane off hand longswordMembers2,100,0000
Broken abyssal bane two hand swordMembers4,300,0000
Broken dragon bane longswordMembers2,100,0000
Broken dragon bane off hand longswordMembers2,100,0000
Broken dragon bane two hand swordMembers4,300,0000
Broken revenant bane longswordMembers2,100,0000
Broken revenant bane off hand longswordMembers2,100,0000
Broken revenant bane two hand swordMembers4,300,0000
Dharok's greataxeMembers592,20019,200
Dharok's greataxe (broken)Members288,3000
Dormant Zaros godswordMembers41,000,0001,400,000
Dragon bane longswordMembers1,900,0000
Dragon bane off hand longswordMembers2,100,0000
Dragon bane two hand swordMembers1,900,0000
Drygore longswordMembers28,700,00093,000
Drygore maceMembers17,400,00014,200
Drygore rapierMembers16,800,00086,100
Elder rune 2h swordMembers84,7000
Elder rune 2h sword + 1Members77,9000
Elder rune 2h sword + 2Members2,100,0000
Elder rune 2h sword + 3Members616,300-364
Elder rune 2h sword + 4Members856,9000
Elder rune 2h sword + 5Members1,800,0000
Elder rune longswordMembers58,600-1,821
Elder rune longsword + 1Members612,6000