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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Asgarnian aleMembers3,7822
Beer barrelMembers51
Carved oak benchMembers110
Carved oak magic wardrobeMembers131
Carved oak tableMembers13-1
Carved teak benchMembers191
Carved teak magic wardrobeMembers662
Carved teak tableMembers29510
Chef's delightMembers39,0000
Cider barrelMembers12,0000
Crude wooden chairMembers272
Dragon bitterMembers10,4000
Fancy teak dresserMembers31410
Gilded 4-posterMembers205,1000
Gilded benchMembers60,8000
Gilded cape rackMembers100,6000
Gilded clockMembers121,5000
Gilded dresserMembers117,5000
Gilded magic wardrobeMembers45,5000
Gilded wardrobeMembers95,6000
Greenman's aleMembers3,30460
Large oak bedMembers934-3
Large teak bedMembers1,23721
M'gany arm'r caseMembers48318
M'gany cape rackMembers2333
M'gany treas' chestMembers1450
Magical cape rackMembers951,8000
Mahogany 'drobeMembers43315
Mahogany armchairMembers1180
Mahogany b'kcaseMembers1300
Mahogany benchMembers1870
Mahogany cos boxMembers64321
Mahogany dresserMembers3660
Mahogany magic wardrobeMembers3424
Mahogany tableMembers200-6
Mahogany toy boxMembers66518
Marble cape rackMembers293,8006,314
Marble magic wardrobeMembers140,8005,609
Oak armchairMembers131
Oak armour caseMembers121
Oak bedMembers1,3590
Oak benchMembers84-1
Oak bookcaseMembers220
Oak cape rackMembers161
Oak chairMembers121
Oak clockMembers2358
Oak costume boxMembers241
Oak dining tableMembers71
Oak drawersMembers160