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Clan Members: 20
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.68
Total Level Average: 1,707
Citadel Level: 4
Clan XP: 2,082,657,073
Avg Clan XP: 104,132,853
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend2,269105,003,509
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Deputy OwnerJbe Site Donator
Tue 12th July, 7:51pm
"Sleeping is an XP waste."
Clan Description:
OVLS Official Clan Homepage!

Hey there, Welcome to our clan Homepage!

We OVLS are currently looking for friendly, mature, rule abiding players to join our ever-growing community!

We have a minimum requirement to join, to build a respectable, efficient clan.
The requirements are as follows along with what we offer for our clan members:

- 100+ CB and/or a 1000+ minimum total level
- All Ironmen/Hardcore Ironman accounts are welcome!
- Citadel work required. A weekly Cap Contribution, full cap would be preferred, but a contribution is what matters! (Our Citadel level is T4)
- Friendly, Mature, Easy going, chatty people
- Follow the KEY rules of the clan, the rules can be found within our forum.
Thats it for the requirements!
- Events scheduled Every day or so and are posted on the clan noticeboard. Join in:D
- Homeworld-based clan (World 2)
- Help/Support offered
- TeamSpeak Server

Hopefully we'll see you soon, we look forward to it!
Event Log
KingByrom is no longer in the clan.
18 days ago
Clan Achievement Log
Josh Waite800M Overall XP
8 days ago
Josh Waite50M Invention XP
17 days ago
Chefs Hatt75M Overall XP
24 days ago
Josh Waite775M Overall XP
25 days ago
Josh Waite99 Construction
26 days ago
Jbe Site Donator50M Herblore XP
Mon 1st June, 11:19am
Jbe Site Donator110M Slayer XP
Mon 25th May, 11:36pm
JHL99 Cooking
Sat 16th May, 1:40pm
JHL550M Overall XP
Fri 15th May, 11:34am
Jbe Site Donator99 Archaeology
Thu 14th May, 11:03pm
Jbe Site Donator40M Herblore XP
Tue 12th May, 9:46pm
Jbe Site Donator1.1B Overall XP
Tue 12th May, 9:46pm
Jbe Site Donator30M Herblore XP
Sun 10th May, 10:53pm
Jbe Site Donator100M Dungeoneering XP
Sun 10th May, 2:25pm
Jbe Site Donator120 Dungeoneering
Sun 10th May, 2:25pm
swag nips99 Attack
Sat 15th October, 11:48am