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Clan Members: 478
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.08
Total Level Average: 2,781
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 255,479,512,487
Avg Clan XP: 534,475,967
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend315,470,086,388
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OwnerClown Site Donator
Thu 16th July, 7:35pm
"The fun has just begun!"
Clan Description:
Welcome to Carnival!

Carnival was founded on the principles of loyalty, dedication and determination. The name 'Carnival' was chosen because we have been able to maintain a fun and active environment throughout the history of the clan. We strive to create the best possible clan experience for all of our members, and that is a promise from us to you!

We welcome all who meet our 2500 total requirement to join Carnival and become a part of the family that has been going strong since August 1st, 2014.

Carnival Perks:
- An amazing offsite website including our own forums
- Huge clan member base of 400+ members
- Active Discord server
- Tier 7 Citadel
- Huge variety of clan events
- Active and helpful leadership team
- Skilling competitions every other weekend
- Unique skilling tier system
- Skilling tracker
- Pet tracker
- PvM competitions every other weekend
- PvM kill count and time highscores
- PvM mentoring program
- Point based rank system - you get the rank you want!
Event Log
Otter Amor joined the clan!
4 days ago
RKI-Cherry joined the clan!
6 days ago
UltimateTote changed their RSN to C0k3 Zero.
8 days ago
0ChargesLeft joined the clan!
9 days ago
C0k3 Zero joined the clan!
9 days ago
Sylvanos joined the clan!
10 days ago
Drizztduurdn changed their RSN to Drizztpoopdn.
11 days ago
0ChargesKMS joined the clan!
11 days ago
Kissing changed their RSN to NiagaraFalls.
12 days ago
Johnny C4sh joined the clan!
12 days ago
Buy G F 10k has been unlisted.
12 days ago
Welsh Hero joined the clan!
13 days ago
FeeJ-ay changed their RSN to Bezos Meat.
13 days ago
Wears Condom changed their RSN to Buy G F 10k.
14 days ago
XBroomsX joined the clan!
15 days ago
Clu Bunny has been unlisted.
15 days ago
PvM Ge0rge changed their RSN to 27xp.
16 days ago
Noether joined the clan!
18 days ago
Bernzema is no longer in the clan.
19 days ago
Clu Bunny joined the clan!
21 days ago
IownXcapes99 has been unlisted.
21 days ago
Tshermz has been unlisted.
21 days ago
Goregasm joined the clan!
25 days ago
Low Mane joined the clan!
28 days ago
Nilas Wen changed their RSN to Wears Condom.
1 month ago
Ozi InkFut changed their RSN to SmlBatch Ovl.
1 month ago
Hi Im Gary changed their RSN to C O R S O N.
Mon 20th September, 2:40am
valyor joined the clan!
Sun 19th September, 6:40am
Shady USA changed their RSN to The RS Shady.
Sat 18th September, 8:40pm
Condoms Bad changed their RSN to Nilas Wen.
Fri 17th September, 4:40am
delmas5 is no longer in the clan.
Thu 16th September, 6:40pm
Apat1121 joined the clan!
Mon 13th September, 12:40am
Prisonwh0r changed their RSN to Condoms Bad.
Sun 12th September, 6:40am
Wears Condom changed their RSN to Prisonwh0r.
Sat 11th September, 8:40pm
Zezima 9 99 changed their RSN to M 4 A I.
Fri 10th September, 4:40am
Sarenenutet is no longer in the clan.
Mon 6th September, 8:40pm
B0XXYBABEE is no longer in the clan.
Sat 4th September, 8:40pm
NiagaraFalls changed their RSN to Kissing.
Sat 4th September, 12:40am
Magiked is no longer in the clan.
Fri 3rd September, 4:40am
ConstantRS joined the clan!
Mon 30th August, 8:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
C0k3 Zero900M Overall XP
1 hour ago
FridgeBoner299 Strength
1 hour ago
FridgeBoner220M Constitution XP
1 hour ago
FridgeBoner240M Invention XP
1 hour ago
Terrenke90M Farming XP
1 hour ago
Mustang FMA170M Crafting XP
1 hour ago
Cobwebs100M Slayer XP
1 hour ago
Liondograge30M Attack XP
1 hour ago
Soaxic1.025B Overall XP
1 hour ago
Coolty17875M Overall XP
1 hour ago
AltusMightus100M Dungeoneering XP
3 hours ago
Black Madara1.775B Overall XP
6 hours ago
Mavi Btw1.4B Overall XP
6 hours ago
Acoolbreeze20M Attack XP
6 hours ago
ConstantMax30M Dungeoneering XP
6 hours ago
ConstantMax70M Archaeology XP
6 hours ago
Freakyhomeyg2.725B Overall XP
6 hours ago
Freakyhomeyg180M Slayer XP
6 hours ago
soulfiria99 Dungeoneering
6 hours ago
Zweik Site Donator5.45B Overall XP
6 hours ago
Zweik Site Donator170M Prayer XP
6 hours ago
the8bitninja190M Farming XP
6 hours ago
AdventzCloud1.35B Overall XP
6 hours ago
Zweik Site Donator190M Agility XP
8 hours ago
skelley3.075B Overall XP
10 hours ago
hopelessness120M Constitution XP
11 hours ago
valyor20M Farming XP
11 hours ago
AltusMightus110M Invention XP
16 hours ago
Acoolbreeze40M Invention XP
16 hours ago
TCKSpartan825M Overall XP
16 hours ago
XBroomsX40M Hunter XP
16 hours ago
S AIN T675M Overall XP
16 hours ago
Alloura70M Archaeology XP
21 hours ago
codemati50M Dungeoneering XP
1 day ago
Hewer20M Runecrafting XP
1 day ago
ConstantRS80M Ranged XP
1 day ago
XBroomsX20M Mining XP
1 day ago
ConstantMax20M Dungeoneering XP
1 day ago
codemati60M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Acoolbreeze20M Strength XP
1 day ago