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Clan Members: 130
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.97
Total Level Average: 1,846
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 18,922,188,789
Avg Clan XP: 145,555,298
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend947880,222,341
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Tue 5th February, 12:17amPINNED
"follow "frostbiters" on twitch"
Clan Description:
Welcome to Ceres! We are a social community clan with a Discord server, established in August 2017. We welcome all new, old and returning players (f2p or members), so come and say hey!

- Tier 7 citadel (with a dragon!) for you to claim your 3-6% clan xp boost,
- Discord with channels to chat, discuss games, post memes and show off your achievements (invite link hdgprzf),
- A few players who stream regularly on twitch (mommafoxfire, frostbiters).

Our goal is to be a nice and friendly place for everyone to spend their time, so we expect members to be respectful of others.

We are a friendly bunch, so join today!

- Lili
Event Log
Teargas OGRS is no longer in the clan.
4 days ago
Monster Sin changed their RSN to Teargas OGRS.
17 days ago
LegendB3n joined the clan!
20 days ago
Jiao Xia joined the clan!
25 days ago
xVappyx joined the clan!
28 days ago
Sarkasnisti is no longer in the clan.
Fri 12th June, 10:40pm
Sarkasnisti joined the clan!
Wed 10th June, 6:40pm
Starcade joined the clan!
Wed 3rd June, 10:40am
Trinky Site Donator has been unlisted.
Wed 3rd June, 10:40am
Pulpfiktion joined the clan!
Sat 30th May, 12:40pm
M32A1 is no longer in the clan.
Fri 29th May, 8:40pm
forgave joined the clan!
Fri 29th May, 8:31pm
Stitch Stark joined the clan!
Thu 28th May, 6:40pm
Iron Queue is no longer in the clan.
Sat 23rd May, 8:40am
Timeshifter joined the clan!
Tue 19th May, 10:40pm
Iron Queue joined the clan!
Tue 19th May, 10:40am
Unlucky161 joined the clan!
Sun 17th May, 6:40pm
Mueth joined the clan!
Sun 17th May, 12:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Strawberrie575M Overall XP
1 day ago
Sheep Lotion90M Archaeology XP
2 days ago
Sheep Lotion1.9B Overall XP
2 days ago
HRTS2LIVE99 Defence
2 days ago
robin1216230M Constitution XP
4 days ago
Sergio RTZ20M Divination XP
4 days ago
xJessie20M Runecrafting XP
4 days ago
robin1216250M Defence XP
5 days ago
Timeshifter150M Overall XP
5 days ago
Pulpfiktion175M Overall XP
6 days ago
LittleRobin20M Magic XP
6 days ago
Green Ween875M Overall XP
6 days ago
esttharre60M Farming XP
7 days ago
robin12162375M Overall XP
7 days ago
Sheep Lotion80M Archaeology XP
7 days ago
Jake Th540M Attack XP
10 days ago
ErenJaeger99 Firemaking
10 days ago
Green Ween20M Defence XP
11 days ago
esttharre20M Divination XP
12 days ago
esttharre30M Archaeology XP
12 days ago
IGN LUNA500M Overall XP
12 days ago
Baskitball9840M Crafting XP
12 days ago
Sheep Lotion70M Archaeology XP
13 days ago
Sergio RTZ110M Archaeology XP
13 days ago
Sergio RTZ1.725B Overall XP
13 days ago
esttharre20M Ranged XP
14 days ago
esttharre30M Constitution XP
15 days ago
Mr lucke150M Overall XP
15 days ago
010 RANDOM99 Constitution
15 days ago
Sheep Lotion1.875B Overall XP
15 days ago
Rilkur2.125B Overall XP
15 days ago
esttharre675M Overall XP
16 days ago
Rilkur100M Archaeology XP
16 days ago
Baskitball98120M Firemaking XP
16 days ago
Sheep Lotion60M Archaeology XP
17 days ago
Rilkur90M Archaeology XP
19 days ago
Sarkasmisti700M Overall XP
19 days ago
Green Ween20M Thieving XP
20 days ago
010 RANDOM99 Defence
20 days ago
robin1216240M Defence XP
21 days ago