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Clan Members: 495
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.00
Total Level Average: 152
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 268,503,263,042
Avg Clan XP: 542,430,834
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend265,754,991,349
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Mon 21st June, 9:00am
GeneralElle Site Donator
Fri 19th June, 10:15am
Thu 22nd August, 2:54am
Sat 3rd August, 5:41am
Thu 1st August, 10:58pm
Thu 1st August, 10:57pm
of the Law Site Donator
Sat 27th July, 8:09am
Thu 23rd May, 12:41pm
GeneralTessa Violet
Sun 9th December, 6:30pm
Bit Of Mice
Sun 21st October, 5:59am
Mon 1st October, 12:36pm
Sat 1st September, 1:35pm
Tue 24th October, 7:46am
Sun 25th September, 2:12pm
"Be elite, not elitist."
Clan Description:
Welcome to Clever!

We are a growing all-around clan with friendly members and fun activities. We thrive to make your Runescape gaming experience as joyful, as we can. We treat every member with respect, regardless of their rank, level or knowledge of the game. We donย’t have any mandatory events or activities, but helping out with citadel capping and attending clan events is highly appreciated and helps a lot with ranking up.
To get the best experience we prefer players who have combat level 120+ and total levels 2300+
Most of our clan members are European based. However, we welcome everyone to join us, if the timezone difference isn't bothering you. We try to schedule most of our clan events so that everyone has a chance to attend.

Clan information:

Homeworlds: 124 68 73
Citadel tier: 7
Clan avatars: 3
Founding date: 23.07.2016/ 14.2.2017

Quick find code: 92-93-891-65988085
Event Log
X Telsus x changed their RSN to x StavFan x.
3 days ago
Mad Family changed their RSN to Depressve.
5 days ago
ZeroVent3CD changed their RSN to Kerawontdrop.
5 days ago
santaclaus joined the clan!
5 days ago
Natxu is no longer in the clan.
10 days ago
Reqii joined the clan!
11 days ago
Lil Kreamy joined the clan!
12 days ago
fqi joined the clan!
15 days ago
Re3 joined the clan!
16 days ago
Hue Jastle joined the clan!
16 days ago
ur a tool joined the clan!
16 days ago
HueJastle has been unlisted.
16 days ago
I 2h My Cat has been unlisted.
16 days ago
Cows Big Bum changed their RSN to Finah.
17 days ago
nightmare74 joined the clan!
22 days ago
T00MANYC00K5 joined the clan!
23 days ago
VILA12 is no longer in the clan.
25 days ago
Enhancer RNA is no longer in the clan.
28 days ago
Depressve changed their RSN to Mad Family.
29 days ago
Ice Telos changed their RSN to Cows Big Bum.
29 days ago
Cekaz joined the clan!
30 days ago
Marvel UniVS joined the clan!
30 days ago
Pwdz has been unlisted.
30 days ago
TheeLokiiiTv joined the clan!
30 days ago
CodyTheKing joined the clan!
Sat 18th September, 10:40am
Muffinman323 joined the clan!
Wed 15th September, 10:40pm
Harvest Herb changed their RSN to Velma Jinkie.
Wed 15th September, 2:40am
Val AS has been unlisted.
Wed 15th September, 2:40am
xKoshka joined the clan!
Mon 13th September, 10:40am
Theman56755 joined the clan!
Sun 12th September, 2:40pm
Aphlex joined the clan!
Thu 9th September, 6:40pm
Daddy Celal is no longer in the clan.
Mon 6th September, 8:40pm
Kryptonite74 joined the clan!
Mon 6th September, 12:40am
King Snur joined the clan!
Mon 6th September, 12:40am
C amron has been unlisted.
Mon 6th September, 12:40am
Merre is no longer in the clan.
Sat 4th September, 8:40am
Never Smile is no longer in the clan.
Fri 3rd September, 2:40am
KeraisBad changed their RSN to HueJastle.
Thu 2nd September, 6:40am
Pogly changed their RSN to Ice Telos.
Tue 31st August, 4:40pm
Mad Family changed their RSN to Depressve.
Thu 26th August, 6:40am
Clan Achievement Log
TheeLokiiiTv20M Herblore XP
29 minutes ago
Awria40M Construction XP
31 minutes ago
PlaidJester2.375B Overall XP
32 minutes ago
x StavFan x60M Woodcutting XP
33 minutes ago
Reqii100M Magic XP
36 minutes ago
Dr Moshtopus70M Farming XP
6 hours ago
Gang Death1030M Thieving XP
6 hours ago
X-Tactics100M Slayer XP
6 hours ago
King Snur375M Overall XP
11 hours ago
Precis90M Archaeology XP
11 hours ago
TheeLokiiiTv40M Invention XP
15 hours ago
Blumpkin OG1.2B Overall XP
15 hours ago
gold plox850M Overall XP
16 hours ago
Cekaz99 Archaeology
20 hours ago
DaddyPugg30M Defence XP
21 hours ago
X-Tactics825M Overall XP
21 hours ago
Jinbe80M Runecrafting XP
21 hours ago
SativaCloudz70M Ranged XP
1 day ago
Reqii99 Archaeology
1 day ago
TheeLokiiiTv525M Overall XP
1 day ago
TheeLokiiiTv30M Defence XP
1 day ago
santaclaus20M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Rye Anne100M Mining XP
1 day ago
Lokas40M Agility XP
1 day ago
silly wolf100M Strength XP
1 day ago
Ruzzy4.3B Overall XP
1 day ago
Reqii1.05B Overall XP
1 day ago
TheeLokiiiTv40M Constitution XP
1 day ago
Tide Poods80M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Jdeb790M Ranged XP
1 day ago
DaddyPugg375M Overall XP
1 day ago
Bitter Truth90M Dungeoneering XP
1 day ago
Zorak26220M Runecrafting XP
1 day ago
Mackshanks20M Crafting XP
1 day ago
fqi425M Overall XP
2 days ago
Blumpkin OG100M Strength XP
2 days ago
Suxi3.175B Overall XP
2 days ago
Re320M Ranged XP
2 days ago
Svelto Luna2.85B Overall XP
2 days ago
Svelto Luna40M Construction XP
2 days ago