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Distinct Honour
Distinct Honour
Clan Members: 23
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.71
Total Level Average: 2,311
Citadel Level: 5
Clan XP: 3,804,018,212
Avg Clan XP: 165,392,096
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend3,01725,720,139
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"What a antisocial social clan"
Clan Description:

                     Welcome & thanks for checking out Distinct Honour! :D

We’re a clan which has restructured our growth to fit players of all kinds! from skillers to killlers, questers to festers. We’re a very social clan and love the company of members who enjoy interacting with other clan members and open to meeting new people as well as settling with friends made here. We encourage new and old players to engage in activity with one another!

Our members are our top priority. Your thoughts, opinions & experiences matter to us, we use it to provide a better environment for you and everyone else!
If you’re friendly, not looking for drama, and wish to develop your (irl and ingame) character with the company of others, feel encouraged to leave a message to:

•    ‘Vishie Magic’ on RS Or VM#0001 on Discord.
•    ‘Mitch Magic* on RS Or MitchReid#6994 on Discord.
•    ‘Ayaa* on RS Or Aya#4483 on Discord.
Event Log
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Clan Achievement Log
Pharaoh Quan40M Herblore XP
15 days ago
Pharaoh Quan20M Magic XP
Fri 3rd September, 8:46pm
Pharaoh Quan725M Overall XP
Thu 2nd September, 4:46am
Pharaoh Quan30M Slayer XP
Tue 17th August, 4:47am
Pharaoh Quan90M Invention XP
Sun 15th August, 10:47pm
Pharaoh Quan700M Overall XP
Mon 9th August, 6:46pm
Pharaoh Quan30M Herblore XP
Mon 9th August, 6:46pm
Pharaoh Quan20M Herblore XP
Mon 9th August, 8:46am
Pharaoh Quan60M Constitution XP
Sun 8th August, 2:46am
Shadowsire60M Magic XP
Wed 28th April, 8:56pm
Big Nicky G99 Mining
Wed 28th April, 12:53am
Shadowsire225M Overall XP
Tue 27th April, 2:53pm
Shadowsire99 Mining
Sat 24th April, 12:54am
Mitch Magic120M Archaeology XP
Tue 29th December, 12:05pm
Mitch Magic110M Archaeology XP
Tue 22nd December, 8:10am
Mitch Magic1.4B Overall XP
Fri 18th December, 1:15pm
Mitch Magic100M Archaeology XP
Fri 18th December, 1:15pm
Mitch Magic120 Archaeology
Fri 18th December, 1:15pm
Mitch Magic90M Archaeology XP
Wed 16th December, 6:04pm
Mitch Magic1.375B Overall XP
Wed 16th December, 6:04pm
Mitch Magic70M Archaeology XP
Tue 15th December, 2:07pm
Mitch Magic60M Archaeology XP
Sat 12th December, 5:12am
Mitch Magic1.35B Overall XP
Tue 8th December, 10:09am
mindhaze99 Archaeology
Wed 24th June, 5:13pm
mindhaze850M Overall XP
Sun 21st June, 8:08pm
Cazzahz99 Constitution
Mon 6th January, 8:24pm
Cazzahz99 Defence
Mon 6th January, 8:24pm
Cazzahz100M Overall XP
Mon 30th December, 8:26pm
SireBubbles99 Smithing
Thu 28th November, 11:03am
Xhunt 1175M Overall XP
Sun 25th August, 10:12pm
Xhunt 199 Dungeoneering
Sun 25th August, 11:00am