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Efficiency Experts
Efficiency Experts
Clan Members: 452
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.00
Total Level Average: 108
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 815,704,081,287
Avg Clan XP: 1,804,655,047
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend911,298,645,227
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OverseerDetermined Site Donator
Mon 26th June, 11:35pmPINNED
Deputy OwnerEvu Site Donator
Sun 8th April, 5:05amPINNED
OrganiserBest Dger
6 days ago
Deputy OwnerCam e ron
Wed 27th May, 1:50pm
CoordinatorJerfect Pupu
Sun 5th April, 7:24pm
CoordinatorMr Helmut Site Donator
Thu 26th March, 10:37pm
Thu 19th March, 7:47am
CoordinatorOzdv Site Donator
Thu 5th March, 6:32am
Deputy OwnerLunaa
Tue 24th December, 10:03pm
Tue 10th September, 1:10am
Deputy OwnerMe Eat Book Site Donator
Wed 21st August, 1:52am
Captaindnbnoyz Site Donator
Sun 4th August, 12:53am
CoordinatorMr Helmut Site Donator
Tue 30th July, 12:08am
Koshiro Site Donator
Sat 27th July, 5:23am
Sun 12th May, 8:18pm
Thu 9th May, 12:31pm
Premier Site Donator
Mon 25th February, 2:22pm
CoordinatorJerfect Pupu
Mon 25th February, 12:43pm
Deputy OwnerMe Eat Book Site Donator
Sat 23rd February, 2:17am
Fri 22nd February, 10:27am
CoordinatorDype Skogen
Fri 15th February, 8:23am
Mon 11th February, 7:26pm
Clan Description:
Efficiency Experts (EE) is a high level skilling clan with an intelligent, friendly community. Founded by Dragonseance, we are a clan that is dedicated to training our skills and reaching our goals using the most efficient methods possible.

The requirement to join our clan is 600M total XP. We are looking for dedicated players with a decent sense of humor who enjoy skilling, completion, and having conversations about smart ways to achieve their goals.

Clan features:
- Tier 7 Citadel
- TeamSpeak / Discord Server.(invite code/DtmxfAE)
- Monthly skilling competitions. Billions and billions and billions and billions of GP in prizes!
- We have buk
- Clear and transparent ranking system primarily based on Clan XP

Prospective members can apply to join the clan on the RS Official Forums (QFC:288-289-660-66003596).
Event Log
Chavi changed their RSN to Alphabetaro.
2 days ago
E c k o changed their RSN to Trulys.
4 days ago
Ynadao changed their RSN to UNOBSERVABLE.
5 days ago
The EasyClue changed their RSN to Hr Egon.
6 days ago
Rroox has been unlisted.
6 days ago
Winterly joined the clan!
6 days ago
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8 days ago
Game Pro II joined the clan!
9 days ago
5Point6Head changed their RSN to Aviad.
10 days ago
tamslea has been unlisted.
10 days ago
Scyy changed their RSN to Alvfredo.
12 days ago
Much RNG Site Donator joined the clan!
12 days ago
Sun-sational changed their RSN to i love bold.
12 days ago
Ulol ka gago changed their RSN to Pakyu ka.
14 days ago
flipflopper7 changed their RSN to M end.
15 days ago
Aviad changed their RSN to 5Point6Head.
16 days ago
Naughty DvM changed their RSN to DvM.
17 days ago
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17 days ago
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17 days ago
Spatial has been unlisted.
17 days ago
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18 days ago
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19 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
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22 days ago
Rhythm Echo changed their RSN to Chonk achu.
22 days ago
Jin x changed their RSN to Jinnah.
24 days ago
michys changed their RSN to Rasil.
26 days ago
Nexico changed their RSN to Merry neXmas.
26 days ago
Happy neXmas joined the clan!
26 days ago
Nexico City has been unlisted.
26 days ago
Amin is no longer in the clan.
28 days ago
Xik joined the clan!
Sat 19th December, 3:40pm
Cerroth joined the clan!
Tue 15th December, 7:40am
Turjilin changed their RSN to Yak Track V.
Sun 13th December, 7:40am
Dulcis Pueri joined the clan!
Sat 12th December, 9:40pm
Natures Fury has been unlisted.
Sat 12th December, 9:40pm
Powski is no longer in the clan.
Fri 11th December, 7:40am
Mixmasterbob changed their RSN to Amin.
Thu 10th December, 9:40pm
R0S BTW changed their RSN to R0S.
Wed 9th December, 7:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Aviad1.85B Overall XP
4 minutes ago
Karma3.7B Overall XP
1 hour ago
Karma40M Ranged XP
1 hour ago
Kermavaahto110M Mining XP
2 hours ago
Lord Signite20M Archaeology XP
3 hours ago
MrShamrock180M Prayer XP
7 hours ago
Winterly1.6B Overall XP
8 hours ago
Mathii120M Strength XP
8 hours ago
Lilli Alanen90M Agility XP
8 hours ago
Valuza190M Firemaking XP
9 hours ago
Matttt8770M Ranged XP
9 hours ago
Greatr30M Archaeology XP
9 hours ago
Trulys140M Invention XP
9 hours ago
SarahLynn2.9B Overall XP
9 hours ago
SarahLynn50M Agility XP
9 hours ago
Zyfazix50M Archaeology XP
9 hours ago
Karma30M Ranged XP
9 hours ago
Karma110M Slayer XP
9 hours ago
Libertarian200M Invention XP
11 hours ago
Haiti90M Constitution XP
12 hours ago
Panama140M Mining XP
12 hours ago
Pennsylvania1.1B Overall XP
14 hours ago
Progen60M Mining XP
15 hours ago
Libertarian1.9B Overall XP
16 hours ago
Matoya4.075B Overall XP
16 hours ago
Matoya180M Ranged XP
16 hours ago
Silverlight275M Overall XP
18 hours ago
Haiti90M Magic XP
18 hours ago
Libertarian70M Attack XP
18 hours ago
Libertarian70M Strength XP
18 hours ago
Libertarian80M Farming XP
18 hours ago
Karma3.675B Overall XP
18 hours ago
Karma20M Ranged XP
18 hours ago
Kierxn1.25B Overall XP
18 hours ago
Idv2.85B Overall XP
18 hours ago
Riskii110M Defence XP
19 hours ago
Gnomeman2.5B Overall XP
19 hours ago
Gameist130M Cooking XP
19 hours ago
Victoriouss160M Magic XP
19 hours ago
Victoriouss150M Invention XP
19 hours ago