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Elite Killas
Elite Killas
Clan Members: 77
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.85
Total Level Average: 2,059
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 17,348,760,914
Avg Clan XP: 225,308,583
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,792243,079,168
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"Strong, loyal, and a family: the Elite Killas."
Clan Description:
The Elite Killas is a Family-oriented and Community clan.

The Elite Killas clan will give you the opportunity to help others, work with other members, learn how to do certain things (such as PvM or quests), make new friends, and chat with others.

Clan features:
¤ Frequent PvM / minigame / skilling events
¤ Skilling competitions
¤ Tier 7 Citadel
¤ 3 Avatars
¤ Friendly, helpful, and mature.

Feel free to guest in the clan chat, but don't forget to say hello!

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Event Log
Nothing here!
Clan Achievement Log
Aurey575M Overall XP
2 days ago
Aurey60M Dungeoneering XP
4 days ago
Tomato Hat30M Slayer XP
6 days ago
Tomato Hat180M Farming XP
6 days ago
Alkyne20M Cooking XP
8 days ago
Alkyne110M Archaeology XP
8 days ago
Alkyne30M Agility XP
10 days ago
Tomato Hat925M Overall XP
12 days ago
Alkyne1.85B Overall XP
12 days ago
JUANITOR1991275M Overall XP
13 days ago
Alkyne120 Archaeology
17 days ago
Alkyne100M Archaeology XP
17 days ago
Tomato Hat170M Farming XP
18 days ago
Tomato Hat20M Firemaking XP
18 days ago
Alkyne1.825B Overall XP
22 days ago
Alkyne90M Archaeology XP
23 days ago
Tomato Hat30M Hunter XP
26 days ago
Alkyne80M Archaeology XP
27 days ago
Iron DkShad99 Smithing
28 days ago
Aurey50M Dungeoneering XP
30 days ago
Iron DkShad20M Mining XP
1 month ago
Dande_Lion60M Woodcutting XP
1 month ago
Alkyne70M Archaeology XP
Sun 7th June, 11:49pm
Alkyne1.8B Overall XP
Sun 7th June, 11:49pm
Tomato Hat30M Fishing XP
Sun 7th June, 11:01pm
Shad0wM0nger90M Magic XP
Sun 7th June, 1:04pm
Tomato Hat160M Farming XP
Sat 6th June, 9:02am
Tomato Hat900M Overall XP
Sat 6th June, 9:02am
JUANITOR199199 Fishing
Sat 6th June, 9:02am
Dande_Lion60M Slayer XP
Thu 4th June, 12:31pm
Aurey40M Invention XP
Thu 4th June, 1:03am
Shad0wM0nger140M Fishing XP
Tue 2nd June, 11:04am
Aurey550M Overall XP
Mon 1st June, 3:04am
Aurey20M Farming XP
Fri 29th May, 11:03pm
Tomato Hat20M Ranged XP
Fri 29th May, 11:03pm
Tomato Hat80M Strength XP
Tue 26th May, 3:04am
Dande_Lion2.225B Overall XP
Sun 24th May, 1:08pm
Tomato Hat150M Farming XP
Sun 24th May, 4:32am
Tomato Hat875M Overall XP
Fri 22nd May, 9:07am
Tomato Hat30M Divination XP
Thu 21st May, 7:05pm