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Endless Realm
Endless Realm
Clan Members: 171
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.64
Total Level Average: 1,749
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 14,016,064,225
Avg Clan XP: 81,965,287
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,990161,349,673
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RecruitLedr Knuckls
Sat 11th June, 3:59am
"Weekly Raffle ~_~ Offsite Website"
Clan Description:
We are a Family Run  Clan who do our best to help each other out.

Rules for the Clan are Simple ~=~=~=~> Please Follow Jagex Rules and there should be no Problems


                                                   We look for the following:

Loyal , Dedicated Family  who want to help  & continue to grow this Family along with any Citadel Goals


         IF this is the clan you are looking for then we will be gladly  invite you in  :)

OR ~=~=~>  IF you have any questions about the clan then feel free to join as a guest and ask questions Or Send a Dm to ~=~=~> Vip Knuckles, and i will be glad to answer any questions :)


We have the following:
OffSite Website ~=~=~> Reserved for those who join the clan
Discord ~=~=~=~> Also Reserved for those who join the clan
Event Log
Epoxie joined the clan!
17 days ago
Oddly Ttba joined the clan!
Tue 19th October, 2:40am
Clan Achievement Log
LadyDodger2220M Firemaking XP
3 days ago
Jerryatric700M Overall XP
7 days ago
Xerozone120M Dungeoneering XP
9 days ago
ShootGottaGo475M Overall XP
11 days ago
OG iKronix75M Overall XP
13 days ago
Xerozone1525M Overall XP
14 days ago
NO EXlT99 Fletching
16 days ago
tmurda1227125M Overall XP
16 days ago
Hardcharger899 Divination
17 days ago
Hardcharger8625M Overall XP
18 days ago
NO EXlT99 Hunter
18 days ago
NO EXlT500M Overall XP
18 days ago
LadyDodger221.4B Overall XP
19 days ago
LadyDodger2230M Thieving XP
19 days ago
Polyplatypus75M Overall XP
20 days ago
Usal Muaddib20M Constitution XP
21 days ago
tmurda122799 Firemaking
21 days ago
Xerozone199 Crafting
22 days ago
Whitaker775M Overall XP
22 days ago
Whitaker20M Prayer XP
23 days ago
LadyDodger2220M Thieving XP
23 days ago
Whitaker99 Archaeology
23 days ago
Whitaker99 Attack
24 days ago
Whitaker99 Defence
24 days ago
Whitaker99 Strength
24 days ago
Whitaker20M Constitution XP
24 days ago
Whitaker750M Overall XP
26 days ago
Whitaker30M Fishing XP
27 days ago
Hardcharger820M Farming XP
30 days ago
Usal Muaddib475M Overall XP
Mon 25th October, 7:47am
Whitaker150M Farming XP
Sun 24th October, 4:45pm
oG Kezzie99 Magic
Sat 23rd October, 10:48am
Juan 3040M Fishing XP
Wed 20th October, 1:47pm
Preston4651770M Farming XP
Mon 18th October, 1:46am
Ttba40M Slayer XP
Sun 17th October, 5:48am
LadyDodger2260M Divination XP
Fri 15th October, 3:48am
Hardcharger899 Runecrafting
Wed 13th October, 6:47am
Lordmodred90M Dungeoneering XP
Wed 29th September, 10:49am
Jerryatric60M Constitution XP
Tue 28th September, 4:51am
Jerryatric60M Magic XP
Tue 28th September, 4:51am