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Clan Members: 69
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.39
Total Level Average: 1,747
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 3,511,644,808
Avg Clan XP: 50,893,403
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,495345,194,334
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Clan Description:
No requirement's to join in this clan it is also free for all no one will judge you we respect one another we are friendly strangers who are willing to help you achieve your goal in this big community.

Every WEDNESDAY at 10:00 PM we expect all the clan member to be at Clan Citadel to work as a team and get the job done and it is mandatory and chill for one whole week and repeat.

Event's of our choices are Minigames, Group Skilling and Bossing

Common swear words are okay but try to keep it clean as possible
Respect everyone in the clan
No asking for money
No scamming and stealing
No seriously offensive languages
------ Stay clean and don't get kicked ------

Thank you to DEAD4EVER for gathering clan members and opening the clan citadel showing the light at the dark time Citadel Birth DATE 03/03/2021
Everyone is welcome!
Teamwork makes the dream work don't be shy, join us.

Event Log
linix is no longer in the clan.
6 days ago
almostmayor joined the clan!
6 days ago
BAF420 joined the clan!
6 days ago
IWannaCookie joined the clan!
7 days ago
Tommyb242 is no longer in the clan.
8 days ago
Ylva Maria changed their RSN to [#F16V04IAD].
9 days ago
NPBOYGAMING joined the clan!
12 days ago
GW MANISH joined the clan!
14 days ago
Malice Ninja is no longer in the clan.
26 days ago
Carlos602 is no longer in the clan.
1 month ago
Wuhbam69 joined the clan!
Sun 10th October, 12:40pm
Menahem is no longer in the clan.
Tue 5th October, 2:40am
Calledimp540 joined the clan!
Sun 3rd October, 8:40pm
OSRS MAXED has been unlisted.
Sun 3rd October, 8:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Luna Aysha160M Thieving XP
7 hours ago
Mr 0ffline450M Overall XP
7 hours ago
Cool Boy223600M Overall XP
3 days ago
SpeedY 8xx40M Archaeology XP
4 days ago
Cool Boy22320M Herblore XP
4 days ago
Rich6345jr375M Overall XP
5 days ago
almostmayor99 Fishing
6 days ago
PvM Vania30M Ranged XP
7 days ago
PvM Vania30M Cooking XP
7 days ago
77xp250M Overall XP
7 days ago
PvM Vania30M Slayer XP
8 days ago
sage sharks70M Constitution XP
8 days ago
Luna Aysha3.575B Overall XP
8 days ago
PvM Vania99 Invention
9 days ago
PvM Vania20M Magic XP
9 days ago
PvM Vania575M Overall XP
10 days ago
Somedude77250M Slayer XP
11 days ago
Joannay99 Prayer
11 days ago
sage sharks30M Herblore XP
12 days ago
sage sharks975M Overall XP
12 days ago
sage sharks20M Fishing XP
12 days ago
Mr 0ffline70M Ranged XP
12 days ago
sage sharks120 Slayer
16 days ago
sage sharks50M Magic XP
17 days ago
sage sharks100M Slayer XP
17 days ago
Rich6345jr30M Invention XP
17 days ago
Luna Aysha190M Defence XP
17 days ago
sage sharks950M Overall XP
18 days ago
Ozlin20M Fishing XP
18 days ago
Rich6345jr99 Cooking
19 days ago
Cool Boy22399 Construction
20 days ago
Cool Boy22360M Invention XP
20 days ago
Ozlin70M Farming XP
20 days ago
mrs wil60M Invention XP
22 days ago
Luna Aysha170M Magic XP
22 days ago