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Hidden Limits
Hidden Limits
Clan Members: 407
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.51
Total Level Average: 2,630
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 254,134,738,292
Avg Clan XP: 624,409,676
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1063,705,248,713
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OverseerBi0 Site Donator
Sun 3rd February, 12:22amPINNED
OverseerBi0 Site Donator
Sat 27th July, 1:07am
OverseerBi0 Site Donator
Sat 27th October, 1:29am
"Friendly High level/Social/Skiller Clan!"
Clan Description:
! *Hidden Limits - Socially driven clan* !

*Homeworld W21*

Welcome to Hidden Limits, a clan with a passionate drive to keep the community alive!

We've been around for a few years and we've built up quite the roster of members in that time.

Unfortunately time and life gets the better of things, so we're actively looking and recruiting new members to bring back the enjoyment of Runescape!

We Offer:
* A revitalised and fun PvM and events Schedule;
* Clan competitions both for fun and, for our dedicated members, for prizes! ;
* We have a tier 7 citadel which we hold no obligation to cap ;
* A help system where you can ask one of the available staff to help you with your

How We Rank:
* XP gained -> up to General
* Dedication -> Admin+

* 1500+ Total Level
* Social Activity
* Membership

Please Contact Any High Rank In Game For More Information!
Event Log
CRANKYBUM changed their RSN to Chere.
13 days ago
Little Beast joined the clan!
20 days ago
Rag 10 joined the clan!
28 days ago
bolt em has been unlisted.
28 days ago
a bsh joined the clan!
29 days ago
Kai Hellion joined the clan!
Sun 22nd May, 10:40am
fabian1 is no longer in the clan.
Sat 14th May, 10:40am
LCP l o k i joined the clan!
Wed 11th May, 10:40pm
emmettrey has been unlisted.
Wed 11th May, 10:40pm
CHERE changed their RSN to CRANKYBUM.
Tue 10th May, 10:40pm
Skiller Iris changed their RSN to Skyther Iris.
Tue 10th May, 6:40pm
Michael Silk is no longer in the clan.
Mon 2nd May, 5:40am
Michael Silk joined the clan!
Wed 27th April, 9:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Fling Frog170M Constitution XP
2 hours ago
Skyther Iris4.7B Overall XP
7 hours ago
Fling Frog1.575B Overall XP
11 hours ago
Chere140M Crafting XP
12 hours ago
Skyther Iris120M Thieving XP
15 hours ago
Belta That90M Farming XP
15 hours ago
Hinoa99 Woodcutting
15 hours ago
Mz2100160M Agility XP
15 hours ago
Iris By GGD80M Slayer XP
15 hours ago
Fragile Hope90M Fletching XP
19 hours ago
Snordi09820M Strength XP
19 hours ago
Khmer Mage0380M Construction XP
23 hours ago
Skilla Lukey5.025B Overall XP
23 hours ago
Taso1.9B Overall XP
1 day ago
Zilliewan90M Prayer XP
1 day ago
Billrune140M Strength XP
1 day ago
CharosTheory20M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Dirty Rat4630M Agility XP
1 day ago
Gorister950M Overall XP
1 day ago
Iris By GGD1.925B Overall XP
1 day ago
Dust Wind150M Fishing XP
1 day ago
SGU60M Cooking XP
1 day ago
Bcuz why not20M Divination XP
2 days ago
Chere200M Thieving XP
2 days ago
Hinoa99 Fletching
2 days ago
Dupsu140M Slayer XP
2 days ago
Inertsmoment140M Farming XP
2 days ago
xredhoodx40M Magic XP
2 days ago
SGU120M Magic XP
2 days ago
Dust Wind50M Smithing XP
2 days ago
Hollow Being30M Invention XP
2 days ago
Ragnasin160M Invention XP
2 days ago
Hinoa99 Fishing
2 days ago
A7x Fan 5370M Strength XP
2 days ago
A7x Fan 53170M Constitution XP
2 days ago
LCP l o k i20M Farming XP
2 days ago
Chere4.85B Overall XP
2 days ago
Crushinjames80M Magic XP
2 days ago
E V V K1180M Dungeoneering XP
2 days ago
RickSH96200M Runecrafting XP
3 days ago