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Iron Core
Iron Core
Clan Members: 497
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.00
Total Level Average: 58
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 233,679,147,649
Avg Clan XP: 470,179,371
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1144,355,046,459
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Not all join dates are accurate and only date back to when RuneClan was founded in March 2014
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Name SortSortRank SortSortKills SortSortClan XP SortSort
Joined Sat 10th October 15
Owner Owner321,990,253,858
Godly Swampy
Joined Thu 7th May 15
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner853,050,153,563
Daddy Tarkus
Joined Sat 11th August 18
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner14696,021,278
Geo btw
Joined Mon 29th April 19
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner0530,617,939
Joined Wed 29th August 18
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner0744,781,592
God of pride
Joined Fri 21st November 14
Deputy Owner Deputy Owner341,046,419,119
Joined Thu 2nd April 20
Overseer Overseer0785,681,978
Mini Rax
Joined Tue 7th August 18
Overseer Overseer1418,392,121
P a l
Joined Wed 30th December 15
Overseer Overseer4882,108,893
Joined Sat 10th February 18
Overseer Overseer0927,206,197
Turtle Nex
Joined Thu 6th June 19
Overseer Overseer01,120,076,079
Iron Zhege
Joined Sun 6th November 16
Overseer Overseer411,239,983,524
Joined Sun 20th January 19
Overseer Overseer3608,877,221
Joined Thu 10th December 15
Overseer Overseer01,914,509,009
Joined Sat 18th April 20
Coordinator Coordinator21,280,762,979
Joined Wed 10th October 18
Coordinator Coordinator01,665,605,005
Joined Sat 15th August 15
Coordinator Coordinator401,327,906,418
J o h n n y
Joined Wed 3rd August 16
Coordinator Coordinator621,894,186,064
Wise Matt
Joined Mon 2nd April 18
Coordinator Coordinator01,291,412,537
Scarlet btw
Joined Sat 30th December 17
Coordinator Coordinator341,603,156,091
Soulg Senpai
Joined Wed 6th June 18
Coordinator Coordinator01,521,101,543
Bml Fe
Joined Wed 1st May 19
Coordinator Coordinator01,507,768,348
Deeps af
Joined Thu 19th October 17
Coordinator Coordinator02,179,582,964
Mr Spots
Joined Wed 14th October 15
Coordinator Coordinator01,657,514,847
Joined Fri 25th November 16
Coordinator Coordinator1501,618,579,147