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Lil Monsters
Lil Monsters
Clan Members: 184
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.72
Total Level Average: 1,869
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 28,486,107,441
Avg Clan XP: 154,815,801
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,117704,518,253
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"Be friendly to all & spread kindness :) Come visit us!"
Clan Description:
We're a mature friendly family type skiller clan.  We are open to F2P & P2P players.  We have people who love to do Castle Wars, Clan Wars, Soul Wars, God Wars, Stealing Creations, Dungeoneering, Questing, PVP, Pest Control, Great Orb Project, KBD, Co-Op Slaying, & Bossing (KK, etc...) all voluntary participation.

We don't require anything of our players except to respect others in Clan & out, no drama in cc, no bad language, do citadel resources weekly in the amounts we specify each week, add all CC Mods & above to your friends lists & hopefully the whole clan, play by Jagex rules & absolutely no botting.

We love playing the game and we love helping others learn new ways to skill. Sometimes we chat and other times we may be quiet if we're all doing something but we try to always pay attention in cc if someone needs something.  If you want a bunch of people who will cheer you on to your next 99 then check us out and visit our clan chat.

Thank You,
The Founders, & Lil Monsters Clan
Event Log
Weep Eternal joined the clan!
12 days ago
justindgreen joined the clan!
14 days ago
foreverdeath joined the clan!
26 days ago
Boogz GG is no longer in the clan.
29 days ago
TheFrost joined the clan!
29 days ago
Royal Neko is no longer in the clan.
Fri 12th June, 4:40pm
Royal Neko joined the clan!
Thu 11th June, 12:40pm
2020sharp joined the clan!
Sun 7th June, 2:40pm
KinglyStar is no longer in the clan.
Mon 18th May, 12:40pm
Soccerdude z joined the clan!
Mon 18th May, 12:31pm
LM PheelGood joined the clan!
Sun 17th May, 8:40pm
Covid19iot has been unlisted.
Sun 17th May, 8:40pm
Covidoit has been unlisted.
Sun 17th May, 8:40pm
darmin joined the clan!
Sun 17th May, 8:32pm
Clan Achievement Log
LmJigsaw50M Farming XP
9 hours ago
Shad Reaper200M Overall XP
19 hours ago
iTzNemesiS175M Overall XP
19 hours ago
Spirou2840M Strength XP
3 days ago
L M Numick20M Cooking XP
3 days ago
Zerocool38091.35B Overall XP
4 days ago
Spirou2870M Woodcutting XP
4 days ago
L M Jane70M Archaeology XP
5 days ago
L M Numick20M Invention XP
6 days ago
Weep Eternal2.2B Overall XP
6 days ago
Royaly2.175B Overall XP
6 days ago
Jdgreen20112.525B Overall XP
7 days ago
L M Numick20M Thieving XP
8 days ago
PheelGood1.55B Overall XP
8 days ago
iTzNemesiS99 Divination
9 days ago
L M Numick99 Construction
10 days ago
L M Jane2.425B Overall XP
11 days ago
L M Jane60M Archaeology XP
13 days ago
Royaly50M Archaeology XP
15 days ago
Jdgreen201140M Archaeology XP
17 days ago
L M Beast99 Agility
18 days ago
Bridge It2520M Summoning XP
19 days ago
LM PheelGood99 Fletching
21 days ago
Jarmic0920M Herblore XP
22 days ago
LmJigsaw80M Ranged XP
22 days ago
Spirou2899 Archaeology
23 days ago
Gifted Souls99 Dungeoneering
23 days ago
LmJigsaw30M Strength XP
24 days ago
Jdgreen201130M Archaeology XP
25 days ago
L M Jane50M Archaeology XP
25 days ago
Royaly40M Archaeology XP
26 days ago
Spirou281.025B Overall XP
27 days ago
Proffitas1B Overall XP
28 days ago
TheFrost120M Fishing XP
29 days ago
Soccerdude z250M Overall XP
30 days ago
L M Beast99 Invention
Sun 14th June, 9:01am
L M Bob40M Ranged XP
Sun 14th June, 9:01am
L M Beast325M Overall XP
Sat 13th June, 6:57pm
Jarmic09725M Overall XP
Sat 13th June, 3:02am
PheelGood20M Archaeology XP
Sat 13th June, 2:58am