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Mayhem CCC
Mayhem CCC
Clan Members: 341
Kill/Death Ratio: 2.52
Total Level Average: 1,269
Citadel Level: 4
Clan XP: 15,438,759,518
Avg Clan XP: 45,274,954
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,705248,198,437
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Clan Description:
We're the cute cats that like to hang out together. Sometimes we do cause mayhem (like when we go player killing in the wilderness), but mostly we are a nice bunch.

This clan is open to anyone, as long as you are a friendly type of person. Our clan is based upon friendship, and that's what makes it strong!

Citadel work is not required. Pking is not required. Skilling is not required. Logging in regularly is not required. However, talking and being friendly is required :)

Formed on the third week June 2011
Event Log
Brandoni0 is no longer in the clan.
4 hours ago
013 m4rcu2 is no longer in the clan.
4 days ago
fatedvalkyr is no longer in the clan.
23 days ago
Bill Biscuit changed their RSN to Bill Brisket.
24 days ago
Paid Mason is no longer in the clan.
26 days ago
fatedvalkyr joined the clan!
Wed 23rd September, 8:40pm
Lozang is no longer in the clan.
Sun 20th September, 4:40pm
Paid Mason joined the clan!
Fri 18th September, 6:40pm
ArborWoods joined the clan!
Sat 5th September, 12:40am
MikeOnDrugs is no longer in the clan.
Fri 28th August, 6:40am
Amlodd Ieuan joined the clan!
Thu 27th August, 10:40am
Creepin H TX joined the clan!
Thu 27th August, 10:40am
Paid Mason has been unlisted.
Thu 27th August, 10:40am
Clan Achievement Log
R e i n 220M Magic XP
13 hours ago
CFCWizKid20M Constitution XP
13 hours ago
Panthera1.375B Overall XP
2 days ago
Gurraaa30M Strength XP
2 days ago
Shop_keeper70M Slayer XP
3 days ago
CFCWizKid75M Overall XP
5 days ago
Shop_keeper40M Fishing XP
6 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Firemaking
7 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Crafting
7 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Smithing
7 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Mining
7 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Agility
7 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Thieving
7 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Divination
7 days ago
Shop_keeper99 Fishing
7 days ago
Abakab99 Smithing
7 days ago
Parberoo99 Crafting
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Archaeology
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Woodcutting
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Fletching
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Fishing
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Firemaking
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Crafting
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Smithing
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Mining
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Agility
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Thieving
7 days ago
Gurraaa99 Divination
7 days ago
Panthera100M Archaeology XP
10 days ago
Blahhhhh JJ99 Farming
15 days ago
BobChipotle20M Attack XP
18 days ago
Joesemoes99 Smithing
21 days ago
Joesemoes99 Herblore
21 days ago
Joesemoes99 Archaeology
21 days ago
BobChipotle99 Prayer
23 days ago
Xaaander99 Firemaking
23 days ago
Panthera60M Ranged XP
24 days ago
BobChipotle20M Strength XP
25 days ago