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Mining Alts
Mining Alts
Clan Members: 82
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.97
Total Level Average: 1,428
Citadel Level: 5
Clan XP: 4,765,145,500
Avg Clan XP: 58,111,530
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,91595,409,340
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"Visit early, visit often."
Clan Description:

We are a community-based clan based around w88. If you wish to join us feel free to come visit our cc ingame! No requirements to join as of now since we're trying to build our clan.
We currently have access to 1 avatar but we hope to build all the way up to 3 avatars once we get the members for it. To get, and keep, avatar warden rank is simply to cap at citadel every week. Not capping will result in derank until you have filled the reqs again.

Hope to see you ingame
- Leaders of Mining Alts
Event Log
Nel Too changed their RSN to Freest Rank.
1 day ago
ILLU SLAVE I is no longer in the clan.
8 days ago
Str 0nly Jr joined the clan!
8 days ago
Facsimiled joined the clan!
Sat 11th July, 10:40am
Pillage joined the clan!
Sun 28th June, 10:40pm
Vulgar joined the clan!
Sun 14th June, 6:40pm
Seam joined the clan!
Sun 14th June, 6:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Cost40M Construction XP
1 day ago
Cost5B Overall XP
1 day ago
Cost30M Construction XP
2 days ago
Elton3632325M Overall XP
3 days ago
Cost60M Runecrafting XP
4 days ago
Cost60M Divination XP
4 days ago
Cost4.975B Overall XP
5 days ago
Tissue99 Archaeology
8 days ago
Dixie O3B Overall XP
9 days ago
Tissue99 Construction
11 days ago
Dixie O30M Archaeology XP
11 days ago
Elton363299 Summoning
12 days ago
Cost150M Farming XP
14 days ago
Dixie O60M Magic XP
14 days ago
Cost4.95B Overall XP
15 days ago
Dixie O110M Cooking XP
16 days ago
Cost50M Runecrafting XP
16 days ago
Cost140M Farming XP
17 days ago
miner faults40M Farming XP
17 days ago
Benneraj300M Overall XP
20 days ago
Dixie O80M Construction XP
20 days ago
Tissue110M Mining XP
24 days ago
Fiona Apple20M Construction XP
25 days ago
Fiona Apple800M Overall XP
25 days ago
Cost40M Runecrafting XP
26 days ago
Fiona Apple99 Archaeology
27 days ago
Cost4.925B Overall XP
28 days ago
Tissue800M Overall XP
28 days ago
Dixie O2.975B Overall XP
29 days ago
Dixie O20M Archaeology XP
1 month ago
miner faults900M Overall XP
Sat 11th July, 10:50am
Cost200M Archaeology XP
Sat 11th July, 7:58am
Cost190M Archaeology XP
Fri 10th July, 11:14am
Cost180M Archaeology XP
Wed 8th July, 1:17am
Pillage110M Mining XP
Tue 7th July, 10:24pm
miner faults100M Slayer XP
Mon 15th June, 8:52am
TradingStick75M Overall XP
Mon 8th June, 3:20pm
Plunges125M Overall XP
Sun 7th June, 1:48pm
Plunges90M Mining XP
Mon 1st June, 7:44pm
Slang50M Mining XP
Mon 1st June, 7:26pm