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Modest Skillers
Modest Skillers
Clan Members: 175
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.53
Total Level Average: 2,510
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 123,184,783,895
Avg Clan XP: 703,913,050
RankXP Gain
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OwnerMad Old Elf
Mon 25th November, 12:35am
"The biggest challenge after success is being modest about it."
Clan Description:
--• Welcome to Modest Skillers! •--

We are an active, mature and social skilling clan with a variety of members from around the world. Our experienced and open-minded team of leaders help to run things smoothly, organise events, and socialise with the rest of the clan. We have created a fun and drama-free environment in which we can all skill together, chat, and achieve our RS goals.

--• Clan Achievements: •--
Top 10 position for the 2019 Big Game Hunter Clan Cup.
I am very proud of members of this clan who worked together to achieve this! We hope you all enjoyed the Crystal Avatar and 9% experience boost. :)

--• Reasons to Join *--
* Laid-back and mature atmosphere
• Experienced and modest members
• T7 citadel
• Clan Discord
• Variety of weekly events: Skilling competitions, PvM trips, quizzes and hunts
• Attendance at events or capping at the citadel

QFC recruitment thread: 288-289-601-66131192
Event Log
Papi Queso joined the clan!
2 days ago
Turkeycookie changed their RSN to Bailley.
4 days ago
Turkeycookie joined the clan!
5 days ago
Dank Balmung changed their RSN to Inrageous.
6 days ago
Ky Lee joined the clan!
7 days ago
mememeep changed their RSN to elleinad341.
7 days ago
LootGrind_RS is no longer in the clan.
17 days ago
Bo Bark joined the clan!
1 month ago
Bunk changed their RSN to Bunk 02 Site Donator .
Sat 4th July, 2:40am
H O L L Y is no longer in the clan.
Mon 29th June, 4:40pm
Dulcis Pueri is no longer in the clan.
Sat 27th June, 10:40pm
Iron Emba changed their RSN to Em bae.
Thu 25th June, 6:40pm
Happy Toker changed their RSN to Skiller Byte.
Tue 23rd June, 10:40pm
Dulcis Pueri joined the clan!
Mon 22nd June, 8:40pm
Elder Tea changed their RSN to Elder Coffee.
Sat 20th June, 2:40pm
Inrageous joined the clan!
Thu 18th June, 10:40am
Rogerio joined the clan!
Thu 18th June, 10:40am
Golfpro00 joined the clan!
Thu 18th June, 10:40am
It Was Dank has been unlisted.
Thu 18th June, 10:40am
VanillaSquid joined the clan!
Wed 17th June, 6:40pm
DumpsterBaby joined the clan!
Tue 16th June, 4:40pm
Sky Zoo changed their RSN to Gazzillion.
Wed 10th June, 12:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Papi Queso99 Cooking
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Woodcutting
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Fletching
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Fishing
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Firemaking
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Crafting
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Smithing
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Mining
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Agility
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Thieving
2 hours ago
Papi Queso99 Divination
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Cooking
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Woodcutting
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Fletching
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Fishing
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Firemaking
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Crafting
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Smithing
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Mining
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Agility
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Thieving
2 hours ago
Swindla99 Divination
2 hours ago
insommnia99 Cooking
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Woodcutting
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Fletching
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Fishing
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Firemaking
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Crafting
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Smithing
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Mining
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Agility
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Thieving
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Divination
3 hours ago
insommnia99 Archaeology
3 hours ago
Baby T-Rex99 Cooking
3 hours ago
Baby T-Rex99 Woodcutting
3 hours ago
Baby T-Rex99 Fletching
3 hours ago
Baby T-Rex99 Fishing
3 hours ago
Baby T-Rex99 Firemaking
3 hours ago
Baby T-Rex99 Crafting
3 hours ago